Did you notice changes in days before Labour?

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BatoutofHell Posts: 100
Hi, I am due baby#2 in 2weeks and starting to watch for signs of labour starting. I cant remember with my first pregnancy if I noticed any changes in the days before. This morning I had a small leak but nothing major & nothing since, also didn't sleep a wink last night (might have more to do with all the choccie bickies I ate before bedtime) also getting little pains during day, took a stitch in my side driving the car, this usually happens when Im walking not sitting, took a nap earlier & woke up soaking in sweat, also my discharge slightly changed today, a little thicker, more egg whitish than it has been which was more just clear fluid up to now. Just putting 2+2 together and probably coming up with 25. Anyone remember changes in the days before?
shiny2010 Posts: 975
Hiya .. sounds like you getting ready alright. I had those changes in the 2 days before waters broke ... be prepared eh that the problem of course it could be today/tommorrow or ... next week I had 2 days of lower back pain also. ooo hang on I vaguely remember the discharge starting about 2 weeks before ... hmmm, it could be a while yet. But I definitely didn't sleep night before :) yup 2+2=25 alright