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Holly Posts: 480
Hi all, just curious, did you plan your engagment, as in "we'll get engaged at christmas" or did he just propose and you told everyone straight away? With me it was a complete surprise!!! Hadn't a clue. Was over the moon as that's the way I've always imagined it. :?:
SandraM Posts: 1112
It wasn't really either with us. We met four years ago this Wednesday (8th) and bought a house last March. We had talked about getting engaged for ages and booked the church and hotel in August this year. We told our families and friends then. And I got my e-ring last night - so now it's really "official"!!!! :D :D :D Lma
Holly Posts: 480
Congrats on the ring lma, whats it like? After my H2B proposed I was awake all night waiting for the shops to open so I could get mine!!!!
Kats2006 Posts: 46
My h2b kept dropping hints for weeks about it being a leap year and was I planning a romantic meal for him! I jokingly told him I was an old fashioned kind of gal and he'd have to propose to me so that was our proposal to each other! Come feb 29th we arranged to meet when he'd finished work at 1pm and go looking for the ring, I got myself all dressed up with the false nails done (must stop chewing them when streesed) and just as I was heading out the door he rang to say he was on his way to casualty as had had an accident at work and required stitches to his wrist and hand. I was SO disappointed, and of course very worried about him!, but he said to carry on and he'd meet me when he'd been patched up. Every shop I went into was full of "couples" looking at rings together. Sales assistants kept asking where the lucky man was so I'd explain then they'd chortle and say that they'd heard of some excuses in their time but that was a new one!! By the time I'd heard that for the 5th time I must admit having a brief moment of panic but it soon passed! Found the perfect ring at 5.10pm and the shop agreed to hold it until 5.30! Rang him to see how he was getting on, didn't hold out much hope as you can wait for hours at casualty here in Edinburgh, however he was on the bus and 10 mins away from where I was. The poor darling, he was white as a sheet as he'd lost a fair bit of blood but he still galloped along to the shop with me, we made it just as they were closing! He still jokes that I got a ring and he got the scar :lol:
SJo Posts: 85
[color=indigo:30cz66u5]Congrats Lma! That's fab news! Thanks for your good wishes about the job![/color:30cz66u5]
SandraM Posts: 1112
Thanks for the congrats girls!! :D I love the ring! It's three square, princess-cut diamonds in a row, with the middle one slightly bigger than the ones at the side. And the band is yellow gold and it's beeeeyoootiful!! :lol: :lol: Now I just need sufficient oppurtunities to show it off! :wink:
Holly Posts: 480
sounds fab lma, are you still job hunting? I'm off today as I have my viva tomorrow, less then 2 weeks before the wedding!!! Oh the nerves....... :shock:
SandraM Posts: 1112
Thanks Holly. You def sound like you're run off your feet :shock: Hope all goes well with the viva tomorrow - at least it'll all be over after that and you can get on with planning wedded bliss! :D I've an interview next week and am also looking at other jobs so have my fingers, toes, eyes etc. crossed. :wink: Let us know how your viva goes if you get a chance.
AGuest Posts: 1262
I don't understand what happens with the couples who say "we're getting engaged next month"....do the girls not get a proper proposal? is it something that's just discussed and they decide to get engaged and just not tell anyone until then? I'm confused as to how it works!!
Holly Posts: 480
I agree B2B, I dont get it either! I kinda imagine you lose all the excitment, and walking around with a mile wide grin!!!!