Did your employer pay you while on Maternity leave

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Lucy D Posts: 91
After finding out that my employer does not pay for maternity leave :cry: (thank god I am not pregnant yet gives me a chance to save) just wanted to do a quick survey on what other peoples experiences were when it came to meternity leave and pay to see what the majority is. Might have to mention it when my yearly review comes up at the end of the year and if I had some stats it might help! Thanks.
Allimac Posts: 45
I'd say it really varies from employer to employer and it also depends on the employee too! My employer as a rule doesn't pay but on occasion does pay something. If the employee is working here for a number of years sometimes my employer will pay them the difference between their wages and the amount received from Social Welfare. Its funny though, its when you go back to work and back on your normal wage that you will really feel the pinch when it comes to forking out for childcare. I'm going to mark "half pay" on your poll but as I said, the rule is "no" but I was paid something. Hope this helps.
shelly Posts: 218
Hi, No kids myself, but a friend was mine was given her full pay, but she had to give the company her social cheque, she had worked there for about 8 or 9 years though.
pippa Posts: 436
I was fully paid but am a civil servant so it goes without saying...
snozberry Posts: 1212
what shelley and alliemac have said is the norm if your company say they will pay you... you have to forfeit your social welfare cheque to them. This can be organised on your forms that the cheques go straight to your employer. I was made redundant last time round so only had the social welfare but funnily enough when it comes each week, its easier to make it last!! This payment is based on your PREVIOUS years earnings. I am now working in public sector so will get full pay - yipppeeee!! :lol:
pinkbride Posts: 173
i am in the public service also and will get full pay, i'll have to give my social welfare cheque payments to my employer.
Dylan Posts: 10
My wife tool maternity as from yesterday and will be expected to get maternity leave for 4 months and then its 2 months after unpaid..if she wish As for me i get 16 weeks maternity leave but UNPAID....why the hell would i want 16 weeks unpaid...who going to feed the poor baby!!!
September 2005 Posts: 377
I am on Maternity Leave at the moment and am not getting a penny from my employer. Just my Social Welfare check. I am there 5 years. Also they didn't even send me a card when my son was born. :shock: