Did your OH ask for your hand in marriage?

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amycrof1 Posts: 92
Hi all, We are looking to get more real bridal input in our articles and blog posts, so (again) we would love your feedback on this! We'd like to know: [b:2b2m754j]Did your OH half ask for your hand in marriage? If so, how did they do it? What was the reaction? If not, why not? How did you feel?[/b:2b2m754j] We'll add your answers to the article, but of course if you don't want us to, we won't! Looking forward to hearing from you! Amy x amy(@)weddingsonline.ie!
ggbeaks Posts: 132
My OH asked my dad for my hand. He was very nervous but knew how important it was to me. My dad made him sweat for a while, but than said yes.
MrsAtobe Posts: 1158
No my fiancé didn't ask, and to be honest if he had asked my Dad first I would wonder if he knew me at all. If he was to ask anyone it would be my mother but first of all we got engaged on the spur of the moment and secondly I don't need anyone asking anyone else for permission for me to do something!
OrTees Posts: 907
Yes, OH asked my parents the week before he proposed - I hadn't a clue! I love that he did that and it really meant a lot to my parents.
stupidname2013 Posts: 924
No - I would not have been impressed...didn't want anyone knowing that I was getting engaged before I knew (well except the jewelers!). My dad knew my feelings on this too so it was all good!
bride2be14 Posts: 99
My partner brought me into my favourite jewellers 'Thomas Gear' and got on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course he knew i would say yes, he told me to pick out my own ring so i get the one i wanted. He then rang my dad after we had picked out the ring to ask him and still to this day my dad thinks he knew first :yelrotflmaosmilie:
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
Yes my OH asked for my hand in marriage, a number of weeks before he proposed. Myself & OH were visiting my parents for a Sunday dinner, and when I left the room he formally asked for LadyLizzie's hand in marriage. Apparently Dad just said "that's grand" and the two of them went back to watching the horse racing on tv! Looking back I recall Dad being in great form that day though, moreso than usual. Both sets of parents would be traditional about those things, and it was done for their sake. I have no problem with it, it's just another tradition like so many aspects of the whole wedding process. I think it's a nice way to make the father feel more included in the wedding plans, generally they don't get a lot of input. And it's not as though he was going to say no! In fact I overheard Dad saying to someone that "LadyLizzie's OH did it the right way" so it definitely meant a lot to him.
redgp Posts: 1681
Yes he did. That didn't surprise me because he's always been very respectful to my dad but what did surprise me is that my dad kept the secret (even from my mam) for 2 weeks. My dad was thrilled about the whole thing and he was very impressed OH asked.
lollypopwife Posts: 836
Yes. I know that he knew I would like him to but I also think he would have anyway. I'm glad he did as it re-affirms my Dad's special status on the day, I know he will get all emotional over his 'little girl' about it anyway so it all ties in. My Mam is my biggest help in preparing for the wedding and who I'll look up to as my role model for my married life. She'll know this on the day, I will make sure she does. But my Dad has a special role too and I'm grateful my OH honoured that. My Dad didn't tell my Mam and I will always remember the joy of telling her myself!
Char27 Posts: 376
Mine tried for weeks before he proposed but it was during the bad snow and we were house bound for weeks (we live an hour away from my dad). My OH and I work/live/socialise together and he literally could not get one free minute to even call him so instead he rang my dad straight after he proposed and told him that he wanted him to be the first to know that he had asked me to marry him. We were in Iceland at the time and the reception was really rubbish so my dad thought my OH was drunk and passed the phone to my mother who had to translate for him :yelrotflmaosmilie: