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NowGone Posts: 8042
Emoticons speak louder then words sometimes. :o0
cloud Posts: 1662
Not in a very talkative mood... I like emoticons!! *)
just-engaged Posts: 25
Ah thats nice!
Anonymous Posts: 24542
just-engaged Posts: 25
Terrets? :o)ll
Anonymous Posts: 24542
No, fannies. And learn to spell.
frogmella Posts: 1264
[quote="just-engaged":3ik46j0y]Terrets? :o)ll[/quote:3ik46j0y] Do you mean tourettes??
*bubblez* Posts: 1599
ha ha ha terrets... in fairness I prob wouldnt know how to spell it either... Frogmella hows your job going this morn
Nee naw nee naw Posts: 209
[quote="just-engaged":38qdxtl8]Terrets? :o)ll[/quote:38qdxtl8] I think you'll find the word you were [b:38qdxtl8]trying[/b:38qdxtl8] to be smart with was "tourettes" Unless that is .. you were speaking of the metal rings on a harness through which the reins pass...or maybe one of the rings on an animal's collar, used for attaching a leash.. In that case I would say. . weirdo.
just-engaged Posts: 25
Ah thanks Frogmella, I was wondering if I had it wrong! Ye guys seem a bit hostile or something? Everything OK?