Diet during Pregnancy - TV3

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lovethesite Posts: 1054
This was on this morning - v good with Anabel Karmel
MrsAug2010 Posts: 257
Thanks lovethesite, think I might get the book! Here's the second part
starbell Posts: 267
looked good alright, would have got it if i was earlier in my pregnancy,(due date today). my diet consisted of a lot of chocolate oops. don't think she would have approved ha ha
lovethesite Posts: 1054
Can't believe she was recommending a glass of wine a day from week 12. maybe one a week would be nice :-) It's the one thing I really miss!!
MrsAug2010 Posts: 257
Yeah that was bit mad wasn't it? I saw a documentary once where they were doing an ultrasound and the mother had some alcohol and the baby would shake, like a little tremor Put me off every drinking in pregnancy. If she had said a glass a month but I thought a day was nuts!
lovethesite Posts: 1054
OMG are you serious??? I really thought you'd need to be drinking a lot for that to happen. Thought a small glass once a week after week 12 would be fine!
MrsAug2010 Posts: 257
So did I!!! I guess cause they are so small only a tiny amount would effect them. I think the show was called something like " pissed and pregnant" it was on a year ago or so but I think it's being repeated at the moment.
Elizabeth Bennett Posts: 682
Please don't take this as a dig at anyone because I am the last person who should preach about the right and wrong things to do during pregnancy BUT I do have a huge problem with drinking alcohol while pregnant. Even one glass of wine etc would be very hard for a baby to cope with, I think my doctor told me it's like the baby is having 5 glasses of wine to your one. I wouldn't give my baby alcohol when it's born so why in the womb? The baby's digestive tract is so small and delicate at this stage. I feel guilty having more than 4 cups of tea a day as I can feel baby react every time. It's the one thing that is guaranteed to get him moving and I know it's not good for him. I am shocked that the woman on that programme thought one glass a day after 12 weeks was ok!
puddin2 Posts: 1093
I agree with you Elizabeth Bennett. Plus I don't understand how wine is suddenly ok! Wouldn't a beer be better with a much lower alcohol content. I really don't get why wine is mentioned as an "ok" alcoholic drink when it has 10-14% volume!
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
She didn't say that people should have a glass of wine a day. She said that there was a recent study in Denmark which suggested that drinking in moderation was ok however, went on to say that the Government recommends no alcohol so.."the jury is still out on that one". She also said that you should have no alcohol in the first trimester at all. 1 glass a day of wine?? Sure I wouldn't drink that now and I'm not pregnant never mind if I was!