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sonopotere Posts: 1124
any body know is there any service in ireland for this? Ive seen it on english websites and american ones, but was wondering if anyone else has seen one for ireland? Ya know the ones, the deliver all the food to your door which has menu plans and how to cook them inside and they have all been made up so that you get everythin you need in your diet everyday in the right amounts, such as fruit, veg, sugar, carbs etc?????? ive even seen them where they specifically make it up for weight loss, or increased energy or stuff like that! is this just a dream that we have this in ireland???!
rathkenny Posts: 936
I've never seen or heard of it but it's a fab idea! :o)ll
blinginhappy Posts: 1356
Me thinks it would be too good to be true if that were availble here :o( I've joined tesco ediets and you choose a diet type then they give you menus and shopping lists so you know exactly what you have to eat on any particular day. Working well so far.....not that the bailey's in my hand in on the menu.....but you get the point!!!
Mrs plaza Posts: 3031
its an american concept but not available here as far as i know