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iwill Posts: 34
Has anyone used Digital DJs? Would you recommend them?
AGuest Posts: 1262
I haven't heard them, but we've booked them for our wedding on the basis of all the glowing reports from various brides/bride-to-be's on this site!
tarvalon Posts: 142
I've booked them as well - heard lots of good reports and they've been very professional to deal with!
iwill Posts: 34
thanks for replies
Jumbelina Posts: 98
same here, haven't heard first hand reports, but was considering booking them. But I'm a bit reluctant to base it on the reviews on their site alone. Did any of you go to check them out in person?
MrsGrainne Posts: 41
We had them for our wedding. Didn't see them before booking as we're based in the UK. Have nothing but good to say about them - the dance floor was full all evening and people are still saying how great they were. Very professional and pleasant to deal with.
Jumbelina Posts: 98
Thanks MrsGrainne. Did you have a band as well, or did they do the full night for you?
Sparklymum Posts: 1563
We had them for our wedding a couple of weeks ago, they weren't that much more expensive than the hotel in house dj who is deplorable (can clear a floor in seconds). The DJ (Fergus) who did our wedding was fabulous, he kept the party going right till the end.
MrsGrainne Posts: 41
We didn't bother with a band just had Darragh & Paul for the entire evening. We found there was less hassle with people setting up etc.
Jumbelina Posts: 98
So that's a good recommendation for Darragh and Paul, but I think that they have other guys working for them who cover weddings around the country. Did any of you have someone besides Darragh and Paul? Were they as good?