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butterfingers Posts: 19
Hmmmm, Just read the Clearblueshareholder post. It was mentioned in it that digital hpts are not as sensitive as the old-fashioned blue-line ones and prone to giving negatives for days after painters are due. Does anyone have any more info about which test/s are most reliable? Thanks! :wv
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Hi butterfingers - I don't think that's true. I think different tests work better for different people as we all have slightly different hormone levels at different points. I would always use the digital in future because I kept getting v. faint lines that were difficult to interpret but a lot of people don't seem to like them. Came across this v. good website about HPt: It says: Which brand of pregnancy test is the most accurate? Some brands of tests can pick up lower levels of hCG than others. But limited research makes it impossible to say for sure which one is the best. Even so, two studies suggest that First Response, Early Result Pregnancy Test may be more sensitive than others. So for women who want test early, this is probably the best product. You can use that one up to 4 days before your period is due. Good luck!
butterfingers Posts: 19
Thanks for that Black Cat. I'm due the painters tomorrow, so plan on testing on Wednesday if there's no sign. Although, may give it a few more days - as I don't know if I'd "believe" a neg result that early, iykwim? I suppose the only fool-proof way is to wait as long as I can bear for the period, and if there's no sign then do the test. Phew - this is head-wrecking stuff! :o0