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lovelyb2b Posts: 733
Hi all Going cook dinner for a friend and need suggestions!!! :innocent: Was thinking home made garlic bread / ceaser salad, then not sure about this but was thinking duck breast with roast potatoes and salad and then ice cream and sorbet or peach and strawberry crumble! Not entirely sure about the main course all suggestions would be great. :wv
MrsBraxton Posts: 4662
Hi, Have u got the Avoca cookbook. Some fab recipes in that. The nicest one I think is their 'Chicken in plum sauce' or the chicken and broccoli gratin. Both delicious!! My mum makes them all the time when people are up and always go down a treat! I have cookbook here so can send u recipe if you want O-O
lovelyb2b Posts: 733
Ah thanks v much your v good but I will have a look on google for those first and that will save you the hassle. I am sure Ill find it there, thanks again though thats v nice O-O
candypants Posts: 8575
OH does the cooking, so i havnt a clue, but can i come? What you suggested sounds delish!
Lilica Posts: 755
I agree about the chicken and broccoli bake from Avoca. I make it sometimes and it's yum! Or, you could make their Cottage Pie (I don't eat red meat, but have made it for dh and he loves it). They also do a lovely chicken stuffed with apricot and ricotta and covered in parma ham. That might be nice.
dresstoimpress Posts: 1719
What you have sounds perfect!! Yum!! O-O
lovelyb2b Posts: 733
Ah thanks so much all you're very good. :wv