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Capetown Posts: 976
Hi Girls, I've tried to get maps of the internet to put in the invitations but am having no luck printing them. Would anybody be able to guide me. I'm getting married in Mount Merrion Church and having reception in The Stillorgan park hotel and most of the guests will be travelling from West of Ireland. Can anybody either give me detailed directions or explain how to print off a map. Thanks girls. :thnk
mrs aug 07 Posts: 817
Go to [url:dfyc1zc8][/url:dfyc1zc8] And put in your starting and finishing point!
Capetown Posts: 976
HI Mrs Aug 07 Thanks for your reply but this leaves the guests no wiser as to where the church or the hotel is. Would I get away with not putting in a map or directions? Travel (Km) and then to take total (Km) 0.0 Start out at West Link Bridge (M50 Northbound),Dublin M50 0.0 1.8 Leave the M50 at junction 6 (signposted City Centre, Cavan), then at roundabout take the 4th exit, then join the M50 motorway (signposted Southbound) Entering Dublin M50 1.8 3.4 West Link Bridge (Toll) M50 5.2 18.2 Leave the M50 at junction 14 (signposted Dun Laoghaire), then at roundabout take the 1st exit onto Leopardstown Road - R113 (signposted Dun Laoghaire, Leopardstown) R113 23.4 1.6 At roundabout take the 3rd exit onto Leopardstown Road - R113 (signposted Dun Laoghaire) R113 25.0 1.3 At traffic signals turn left onto Stillorgan Road - N11 N11 26.3 1.5 At traffic signals turn left onto Kilmacud Road Lower (signposted Stillorgan) Uncl. 27.9 0.2 Finish at Stillorgan,Dublin Uncl. 28.1
Capetown Posts: 976
ohsohappybride Posts: 3476
We drove our route ourselves and wrote it down, well I did, H2B drove. Also checked it against AA. *)
lifestooshort Posts: 2312
[img:kndq4hg7][/img:kndq4hg7] This any use?
beachgal Posts: 158
This any good [img][\img] [img][\img]
beachgal Posts: 158
oops try again... [img:29ob1ec0][/img:29ob1ec0] [img:29ob1ec0][/img:29ob1ec0]
beachgal Posts: 158
forgot to say - sorry bit ditzy today! If you copy the maps from the hotels web page and paste into Word it should allow you to print them off, you should also be able to scale down the image by holding down the shift key when resizing so that it prints on one page with directions. Good luck!
Capetown Posts: 976
Thankyou so much Hollygolightly thats brilliant. Printed them off and there perfect size and everything. Your a Star