Directions to De Staffords, Howth

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bridetobe2009 Posts: 1423
Hi All, Can anyone tell me the directions to De Staffords in Howth? Thanks
eissac Posts: 153
hi, do you want to know how to get to howth or do you know how to get to howth and wondering where it is in howth? let me know and i'll help you! :wv
bridetobe2009 Posts: 1423
Hi, I know where how is, well Howth Pier but not very familiar with the rest of Howth.Just wondering where exactly it is in Howth? Thanks a million
eissac Posts: 153
Ok! that's easier. Well depends which pier you're talking about, there is one on your left when you just come in to Howth (the one with the fish shops and restaurants along it) and there is the other one where you drive straight to the end and it is on your left (the one where people go walking). Head for the latter one, and just before you get to the end of the road there are a few shops on your right with apartments above them. It is right there, beside Susan Eves boutique and McGuirks golf shop. I know I've probably made this complicated but it is really very straight forward! Hope it helps in some way!! :-8
kitten_77 Posts: 826
do you know where the King Citric is? its along the road in direction of there (probably only a few doors down form the KC actually). Follow the main road in Howth (you will pass by a big pub with a black front called Findlaters) and its just along that road a little on the right. Its very easy to find becase there is really only one road in howth and there are only shops/buildings on one side of the road, becasue the other side is the sea :o0