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mrs Posts: 673
Hoping to go to Wedding Show and just wondering if someone could tell me how to get to it! Will be coming in on the M4 ( from West)! Just amn't that sure around Dub as usually just get train!! Oh ya if it is easy to get to and get out of! Thanks
Mrs Leela Posts: 262
This is from AA route planner. Might want to check it out yourself. 0.00 Start out at West Link Bridge (M50 Northbound),Dublin M50 0.00 3.84 Leave the M50 at junction 5 (signposted N2 City Centre, Derry), then at roundabout take the 3rd exit onto North Road - N2 (signposted City Centre, Finglas) Entering Dublin N2 3.84 0.99 At roundabout take the 2nd exit onto Finglas Road - N2 (signposted City Centre) N2 4.82 2.53 Bear left (one-way) N2 7.35 0.08 then turn right onto Botanic Road (signposted City Centre) N2 7.43 0.44 At traffic signals turn left onto North Circular Road - N2 (signposted Dublin Port) N2 7.87 0.48 At Junction 70 traffic signals turn right onto Dorset Street Lower - N1 (signposted City Centre) N1 8.35 0.06 At traffic signals turn left onto Gardiner Street Upper - R802 R802 8.41 0.75 Turn left onto the R105 R105 9.17 0.14 At traffic signals continue forward on the R105 to cross River Liffey R105 9.31 0.06 Continue forward onto Moss Street - R802 R802 9.37 0.26 Turn right onto Lombard Street East - R814 R814 9.64 0.10 Continue forward onto Westland Row - R118 R118 9.73 0.18 Bear right onto Merrion Street Lower - R815 R815 9.91 0.04 Turn left onto Merrion Square North - R118 R118 9.96 0.63 At Junction 52 continue forward on Northumberland Road - R118 R118 10.59 0.50 Turn right onto Herbert Park Herbert Park 11.09 0.05 Arrive at Ballsbridge,Dublin Unclassified 11.14 - Section time 0:25, Total time 0:25
tiedtheknot Posts: 151
Ok, I'm probably going againts all that AA say about how to get to Ballsbridge but if you're coming from the M4/N4 join the M50 going southbound until you get to the junction for Dundrum/Sandyford. It used to be the end of the M50 until they opened up the new extension to it. When you meet any roundabouts, take the 12 O'Clock exit (continue straight ahead until you get to the new Dundrum Centre and then vere left. Stay on this road until you get to the junction with the big white Luas bridge overhead. When you get to this junction be in the outside lane for turning right. You are now on Taney Road. This road will bring you to Goatstown and to Mt. Anvill Road and to the Stillorgan Dual Carrigeway. At the junction with the Stillorgan Dual Carriageway, you should take the left turn and UCD is to your left. You will need to go under the 'fly-over' bridge and the next major landmark to watch out for is the pylon at RTE. At this junction you need to be in the outside lane to turn right down Nutley Lane. RTE will be to your left and St. Vincents Hospital is further down this road to your right. At the end of this road, you need to turn left and stay straight on this road and the RDS will be in on your left after Bewelys Hotel and the Four Seasons Hotel.
Miss X Posts: 1415
I wouldn't go the AA route, we live in Lucan and would always continue on into town on the N4/Chapelizod by pass right into the quays, when you're driving along the quays take the first right over the bridge and go straight up to the T junction, take a left and drive down Thomas street, go past Jurys Christchurch (on your right) and take right immediately after it. At the second set of traffic lights take a left (after you pass through the lights. Keep going straight and you'll drive on to Stephen's green, they've changed the layout so you need to go around the green, past the shelbourne and take the next right, go straight to the end of the road T junction and go right, you'll come to a Y junction and the road goes around to the left you need to keep right/straight. Once you pass through that junction its a straight run, you'll pass Jurys Ballsbridge, and then a Toyota car showroom with a big pond in front of it on your left, the RDS is immediately on your right. HTH
mrs Posts: 673
Cheers girls, better get my co-pilot up to speed!! Vroom Vroom!!
Mrs. lou-beag Posts: 193
Correct me if im wrong but the AA route looks more like directions from the M1 from the north rather than the N4. Miss X and tiedtheknot directions sounds more like it