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inittowinit Posts: 7
Hi All, We are getting to the printing invitations stage (well kind of) and I'm trying to sort the directions information at the moment. Can ye let me knew which website is most accurate for directions..I have a shocking sense of direction and I'd hate half the wedding to get lost en route to the wedding!! All help would be appreciated. And for any of ye thinking of ordering Lantz invitations there is a 15% discount until Saturday!! Thanks..
puddin2 Posts: 1093
I am the same!!! As my OH says I lost my sense of direction after birth :o0 :o0 so what I did was went to the church with the Sat Nav and took the co-ordinates, then the same with the hotel. Put them on the info sheet that went in with the invites. Also did up a website and put some links to AA Roadwatch website - hoping they are good enough for people to find their way there.
flomeo Posts: 249
Bizarre! Just did this yesterday! Google maps are pretty good as are AA roadwatch directions. I just entered in the 3 starting points most people will be coming from to the town we are getting married in and there you go! I cut the directions down a little as they are overly detailed (I thought) but it gives accurate distance and estimated journey times so they are really handy for that. Happy directing!
bales Posts: 574
We drove the routes before we did the directions card and were glad we did as some of the signs differ from AA routeplanner.Also we put in a few landmarks as we thought this would help people along the way!
LastRolo Posts: 6892
If you can at all - drive the route yourself with someone. Set the milometre at 0 and drive and take down the decorations E.g from WeddingTown, take the Reception Road. Go C. 4.2 miles to a four cross road. Turn left. Continue C. 6.6 miles and the hotel is located on the left hand side...
inittowinit Posts: 7
Thanks for the replies..job done! I'm sure someone will still be on the phone on the day looking for directions mind you!