Disappointing Hospital Visit

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Mrsreddy Posts: 472
Was in hospital today for general appointment - am 36+1 today and told midwife about cramps and pressure pain i've been getting for the past few days. all she said was at this stage there is nothing we can do. baby is head down which is causing a bit of pain. had a quick listen to the heartbeat which was fine. however the main thing is that they still feel i'm a bit small for 36 week - now they said the same thing at my last appointment 4 weeks ago! so midwife said she would ring upstairs and get me booked in for a scan to see size / weight of baby and she told me the earliest they'll fit me in in next wed - i'm so disappointed about this because now i feel like i'll be going around for the next 8 days worrying if everything is alright with the baby!! when i asked could they not fit me in any sooner especially as i was already there in hospital and she said no they are too busy and there's a bank holiday next week and sure i'll be fine till then :o( got back to the car and actually burst into tears :o( was thinking i mit just ring fetal assessment and chance my arm to see if they have any appointments sooner sorry for the long post girls just really disappointed with the visit and feel like midwife just wanted me in and out and move onto the next person!!
Bigsurprise Posts: 961
The fetal assessment unit does always seem to be very busy but no harm calling them. Would you consider getting a private scan for your own piece of mind? I know its an expense but at this stage you dont want to be worrying yourself. I am going public so always factored in a scan or 2 if necessary. I havent had to so far but think i will book myself in for one in the final few weeks
Mrsreddy Posts: 472
thanks for the reply big surprise - yeah think i will chance it and give them a call was thinking about going for a private scan might price them and see although money is really tight at the moment not sure if i can wait for 8 days!!!
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Give them a ring & say you're available for short-notice cancellation if there are any! Personally I wouldn't bother paying to go private - at this stage it's more important to see what the hospital say than a private scanning place! Things are probably ok but I can totally understand why you're concerned :xox
boodlesdoodles Posts: 900
Would there be any point going back and telling a little white lie about reduced movement,and they might scan you then? :-8 Shocking that it has to be done like that, but with the public system the way it is you have to really push them to get anything done!
Mrsreddy Posts: 472
well girls i spoke to fetal assessment and she said she had nothing else for this week so now i dont know what to do - i cant stop thinking about it!! i'm worried as to why baby might seem small maybe it's nothing getting everything it needs from me!! i had a look at my chart and from 32 weeks - 36 weeks i only put on 2 pounds :-8 not like the last time i piled on the weight! and of course i googled it (i know i should have stayed away from google!!) and found loads of things about people having babies early because placenta has stopped working and baby needs to be born. i'm thinking a week is a long time if baby is not getting enough nutrients from me :o( so now i'm thinking i might ring a&e later and have a chat with the midwife and explain i'm very distressed about this and maybe head in to them!!
hestia Posts: 2368
Mrsreddy, if there was concern about the baby getting insufficient nutrients there would have been an intervention by now. Those cases are rare, and usually happen in exceptional circumstances when the mother is very dyhydrated, losing weight to a worryingly level, unable to retain any food or fluids, and experiencing problems with kidneys and other organs. Your anxiety is understandable but try to remember that babies are resilient and thrive in the most head-scratching of circumstances. Weight and measurements are really only estimates. Scans also have a margin of error. Medical staff too can have differing opinions on the size of the little'un. I understand how you're feeling. Endured a similar response - it blighted my pregnancy to be honest. Of all the experts, it was a semi-retired midwife I saw on one (of several) admissions who was spot on with her reassurance. I lost a drastic amount of weight during the nine months. Eight days will pass soon. Stress is proven to have a negative impact on the baby so try as far as possible to keep positive. Let us know how you get on.
Mrsreddy Posts: 472
thanks to everyone for the replies - i posted over on the facebook page but just want to say i rang holles street a&e and spoke to a lovely midwife who was very reassuring that if they had been overly concerned today they would have found an appointment for me and scanned me today so try not to be worrying. she was so nice and said that my blood pressure is fine and that's a big indicator that something is wrong. she said midwife that i seen today would not have let me leave the hospital if she thought it was something serious so i feel much better now and will wait till next week for the scan - i suppose it gives me something to look forward to!! thanks again for the replies :thnk
wtb Posts: 107
I'm glad you some reassurance this evening. It does make all the difference to have that peace of mind if only for a few days anyway. I'm 28 weeks at the moment and have been diagnosed with an IUGR baby so let me say that if there was any serious threat to you or your baby you definitely would have been seen sooner. If you want to pm me for any info then work away