Disasterous Due date!!!! Just need a rant!

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babe06 Posts: 898
First of all I want to point out that this is all in jest as ofcourse i'm juts so delighted that baby is coming at all!! Well as most of you know I had a due date of 12 days after my sisters wedding (you can never plan these things can you!) So family thougth it was all hilarious and my sister didn't mind at all was just thrilled I was finally pg and after inititial shock ( i plan everything!) and disappointment I wouldn't be wearing the lovely size10 bridesmaid she bought ofcourse I was thrilled. Then I had a scan yesterday and half way through the consultant casually mentioned I was more like 15 weeks gone and gave me a due date of the day before the wedding- I gasped, DH roared laughing! So he said whats wrong? We told him - he also found it v funny - but said the machine could be wrong and I'm anywhere between 13 and 15 weeks. I may get two tickers like Mama Sugar! Anyway family now think its even more hilarious. Dad says i wont be at the wedding! There just isn't a hope and I may line up someone else to sing the song i was supposed to sing! Mam says I'll be there no matter what even if I'm in a wheelchair!! AUntie pointed out it'll be the lonliest birth ever as everyone will be at the wedding - for TWO days. Noones missing it!! So great slagging going on at my expense - they'll get 6 months out of this beleive me. Now ofcourse I just want baby to be healthy and don't care if i'm 9 months and huge - will have to get two dresses incase of possibilities. But I just so don't want to miss my sisters big day -we're very close.. that would just be the worst.
Itisasecret Posts: 389
Classic! Make sure not to steal the limelight on the day and your waters break as your suster exchanges her vows!!!! :eek :o0 It's really a case of Que Sera Sera I'm afraid!
Sunbeam Posts: 2721
First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy. Now, bearing in mind that I know nothing about being pregnant, I would recommend that you don't buy two outfits, but perhaps opt for a pair of elasticated trousers (i know that there are some lovely ones out there as an aunt got a gorgeous pair when she was pregnant) and a wrapover top- that way the outfit will adjust to your size, whether you're overdue or you've just given birth. But, good luck with the pregnancy and hope you don't get to miss the wedding!
clucky Posts: 26471
WOW good luck with your pregnancy and hope you dont break waters as you reach a crescendo in your song. i think thats gas
Mrs Lucy06 Posts: 929
Hey Babe06, My sister was due a month after my wedding, 2 weeks before she wasn't well & my little neice was born 9 days before the wedding weighing 4lbs, she was just out of hosp 2 days before the wedding and my sis brought her to the chapel so I was able to get a photo with my new neice, didn't want to leave her out so hopefuuly you will go a week or two early and bring your little bundle along, you can never predict these things, my best friend was also due 10days before the wedding, her little boy was almost a month old at the wedding. Hope all goes well for you! Lucy
jen2 Posts: 3106
You can always ask the consultant to enduce you. You can be enduced from 37 weeks. Its just an option if you wanted it. Anyway hope it all goes well for you. Jen2
Hepburn Posts: 4081
You are atking the news very well babe06. A few bridezillas could learn a thing or two from you....
Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
Hi babe06, I just got BFP tday, and reckon my due date is a week before my DH's brother's wedding, which is over 100 miles away. He is meant to be BM, but he won't be now, and won't even be at wedding if I haven't given birth by then. As I am high risk, I am going private this time, and am certainly not going to risk being miles away from my doctor at the crucial time. DH understands, and says he will stay with me - the family will just have to understand. I'm just happy to have got my BFP. I hope it all goes ok for you. Is the wedding local to you or do you have to travel?
babe06 Posts: 898
Thanks Girls I really thought people would kill me for being selfish! I must say my sister is amazing and so understanding she isn't one bit upset. TO be honest I'm alot more sensitive and dramatic than her so I think I'd be more upset about not being there than she would be. She just keeps telling me to take care of baby first. I'd love to be induced before the wedding but i don't think thats an option is it? I mean would doctors actually do that for you. We'd all love to have the baby there it would be the best possible outcome. I had planned for that ofcourse when trying but you know yourself. Moondesert -thats gas! Sometimes its juts o out of your control isn't it. We're missing a good friends wedding in Itally a month before the wedding but sure what can you do. i don't have to travel for this wedding - well not far but I will be about another hour away from the hospital. Which my mother is worried about but the likely hood of me going that day is very slim really - it could be anyday. The one thing my sis did say was - "I don't care if you go before the wedding or after the wedding but if you go into labour on my big day and steel my limelight again I'll go mad"!!! I'm always doing that!
Moet for me Posts: 1841
A lot of women go over on the first so chances are even if it is 13 weeks you'll still be there pregnant as ever. I surprised that your family haven't been slagging you about the possibility of giving birth on the day now that would be a good way of unintentionally stealing a brides limelight.