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byebye Posts: 599
Is a yellow discharge normal after 20wks? Have this for a few weeks and just read that it should be clear. Have antenatal appointment in a week with my GP and don't want to wait that long to find out (seems silly going to him tomorrow as I've been feeling fine apart from the normal symptoms that come with pregnancy..) Thanks.. :wv
classygal Posts: 436
Queen bee I'm sure its nothing to worry about, you could ring your emergency doctor or even an antenatal ward to put your mind at ease though. From what I've heard discharge is normal in pregnancy and tends to increase, as long as its not offensive smell (which could indicate infection) Im sure its ok. But Im not a doctor so best to run it by someone for reassurance. :wv :wv
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
Ive had really bad discharge since the start and it aint white :-8 when I had a bleed at 8 weeks the midwife said straight away that I had a bad infection so they took a swab and it came back clear so guess some people do just have really bad discharge! I hate the way that all the books say anything other than clear/white is defo a sign of infection O:|
theoracle Posts: 7664
Mine was always yellowish-white, never really clear in all my pregnancies and I had no infection, I gues that is just 'normal' for me.
byebye Posts: 599
Thank you girls.. :wv :wv good to know it can be normal for some people. I end up reading something, see that it's not matching my symptoms and then worry. Considering I don't feel unwell, I will get GP to check it when I go for antenatal app. Thanks again