Discharge - waay TMI

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sunsparks Posts: 2196
:-8 Woke this morning and spent 5 mins trying to steel myself to get up. Sorry for the TMI, but between my legs was soaking and I was stressing that it was gonna be blood, but thankfully wasn't. It was weird cos I know I was conscious of it during the night (it has happened just once or twice in the past when I've been caught off guard by my period). To add extra info to the TMI, after I went to the toilet (where I realised it just seemed to be 'normal' discharge - just a huge amount of it), I was standing brushing my teeth and could feel more discharge running down my thighs. (As in so much I could see it) It seems to have tapered off now, but should I be worried? I know getting more discharge is normal, but this seems excessive. I even had a moment of 'omg my waters have broken' but it doesn't match that description either. Any advice?
jill80 Posts: 565
Sorry dont really have any advice, but try not to worry. I think that it can get more as it goes on. Maybe just ring and ask speak to a midwife so they can reassure you?
sligo06 Posts: 513
I would call hospital and take their advise as you don't want to take any chances.
pie Posts: 61
exactly what you have decribed happened to me last weekend. I ended up ringing hospital and they asked me to come in to checked out. They kept me in the night for observation, just in case. But it turned out to be harmless. I explained to them what happened exactly as you have, they were afraid of waters going too, as at 26 weeks, they said it would be a trickle rather than a gush.. probably nothing to be worried about but I would call.. better to be on the safe side. They can do a few quick tests which would out your mind at ease..
Dora the explorer Posts: 1570
This happens to me all the time just have very heavy discharge, my water levels are fine though, no harm to get it checked if your worrid though
sunsparks Posts: 2196
Wasn't really worried at all (but it's gone slightly red now) and Holles St have just told me to go in........... now I'm getting worried. Typical. Heading girls. Thanks for the advice.
Mrs SomeDaySoon Posts: 117
hope all is ok sunsparks.
sunsparks Posts: 2196
Thanks girls. All ok with baby... just not so much with me after today. Went racing into HS, more worried than I'd been previously. Waited an hour to be seen by this incompetent reg, who took my details but really wasn't listening (kept saying so the bleeding has stopped?), then he hustled me into another room with a scan machine, waved the wand over my belly, told me the heartbeat was ok (I could have told them that over the phone as baby was kicking away) and then went to leave. I was quite annoyed at this stage as he clearly wasn't listening to what I was saying or addressing the issue of the discharge, so I asked him again about the discharge and what I should do (especially since I'd been advised by the mw to come in). He looked a little taken aback and then said he'd do an internal to check my waters hadn't broken. So I got myself ready for that, then he came in with a (nice) midwife who was chatting away, clearly trying to put me at ease. He didn't talk once to me, I felt he was quite rough with the speculum (he did, in fairness, ask if he was hurting but at that stage I was just trying to hold it together, so said nothing). Pulled out the speculum, said waters were ok and I could get dressed. Refered to the bloody discharge on the speculum saying there was nothing to worry about (sure enough I'm bleeding away tonight - polyp related probably, hopefully). Anyway... sorry this is a long story. They left the room and as I was getting dressed I just started tearing up, and was trying to control myself when he came back in and started saying something again about nothing to worry about. I had my back to him cos I didn't want him to see me crying, but had to turn around eventually. He looked shocked that I was crying and was like 'Are you ok?', 'Have you more questions?', 'Do you want me to do another scan?'. I was just mortified and wanted out... so laughed off the tears and went to the loo to try and calm myself (and my red nose) down. Sure enough the midwife then knocks on the door to see if I'm ok. I have to then go out and tell her that I'm just over emotional! I don't know what happened - I just felt knocked for six. Reality was I wasn't at all worried earlier on, only when they insisted I go in, and I felt so so upset at how I was treated when I was there, when I've only ever been treated with kindness before in there. Anyway. Sorry for the rant. Just needed to get it out of my system. Glad everything is ok.
LauraS Posts: 192
Sunsparks - really glad to hear you're back home safe and sound - sorry your experience with the doc was so dreadful - bedside manner isn't a strong point for a lot of doctors it seems. Try to relax and get some rest in the knowledge that everything's ok with you and baby. Thinking of you - big hug :action32 x L
newone Posts: 1714