discoloured discharge

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Billie-jean Posts: 143
Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has experienced this... I am 9+3 wks pg. yesterday when I went to the toilet my discharge was very slighty discoloured. It was like a very pale peachy/orange colour. It only happened once and i have been clear ever since (tMI Sorry). Ihad a few twinges but no cramping. I very worried and hoping its not a sign,my first scan is in 2 wks. anyway would like to hear experieces thanx
MINI DONKEY Posts: 2499
MrsB2007 Posts: 519
Hi ya, I've been having loads of discharge - sometimes green, sometimes brown. I did mention it to doc and they said as long as its not smelly or its not red blood its nothing to worry about. Hope this helps.
Billie-jean Posts: 143
Thnx for replying girls, it does ease my mind to hear ur experiences. i still have usual symptoms and it was v slighty discoloured, so much s that if i wasn't pg i wouldn't have noticed. Think i will ring and see can i get an earlier scan, just to put my mind at total easa. thanx again