Discrimination while pregnant!

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brideeee Posts: 1490
Hi Ladies, Just venting really. Will try not to make it tool long winded. I'm due to start ML in 2 weeks. Some jobs came up in our place with longer contract and more money- in relation to job description I ticked ALL of the boxes and boss knows work history(which is good-female boss too might I add!!) So I put in my CV (thin king I might not get job as I am going off on ML but still wanting work to know that although I'm having a baby I still would like to maintain my career). Well- all the ppl in my place being called for interview were informed on Wednesday (2 of the girls called for interview have 4 years less experience than me and have lower qualifications). So on Thursday I get a pfo thanks but no thanks letter and they aren't even going to interview me. The ONLY possible reason in the world for me not getting an interview is that i am pregnant. I was in bits-heart racing crying my eyes out(I'm sensitive at the best of times but with my hormones at t he moment I have no control over my tear ducts) I did my best to compose myself and went to confront boss to ask her on what basis I wasn't called for interview. She nearly died (normally I don't stand up for myself-but I wasn't taken this lying down). She said she couldn't discuss it with me and that I'd have to contact HR. I told her that the only difference between me and the girls who were called for interview was that I'm pregnant. I've worked there 6 years and she sat there stoney faced as I sobbed my heart out. So then I marched over to HR and they were nice to me. They're looking in to it and I have to contact my union on Monday. Can you believe that in this day and age women are still being discriminated against for being pregnant!! Well, I think i'm going to finish up work now coz I don't think I'd be able to handle going back in there-i'd say my blood pressure is through the roof. I have to try calm down for the baby's sake!! Sorry if I've been rambling I guess I just wanted a place to share my story, thanks for reading xx b
jellybaby Posts: 2316
Ah brideeee, sorry you've been treated this way. Is it possible that they need someone to start in the job now? What I mean is, they've known for a while now that you'll be gone for X length in your current job and have had time to arrange cover if needed, but with this new position that has been advertised, they may not be able to wait for you to come back from mat leave to get the position started, if that makes sense? I would still contact your union rep though, and make sure they get back to you with their reasons for not interviewing you. And if it turns out that they don't have a genuine reason then I think I'd do the same about finishing up now rather than waiting til your offical leave date. Hope you get something sorted :xxx
blinginhappy Posts: 1356
Fair play to you for standing up for yourself and don't let it lie...keep on at them. God its 2008 you'd think we'd have gotten beyond this by now!!! FYI you have so much legislation on your side in this fight, don't drop it! Oh and best of luck with the ML!!
molls Posts: 149
[quote="brideeee":1qjt5zm0] Can you believe that in this day and age women are still being discriminated against for being pregnant!! [/quote:1qjt5zm0] Unfortunately yes, I can believe it. I've heard some stories in the last year or two that suggest it is not uncommon. In most cases the employer gets away with it 'cause us pregnant ladies are tired, hormonal and have other things to worry about. Well done to you though for confronting them. Talk to your union and, even if you finish up work now, make a written complaint (so, it will be on record and if they start messing you about when you come back you have evidence that this started when you were pregnant). Remember that, despite your employer's actions, the law is very much on your side.
Me Julia Posts: 1352
Thats really terrible brideee Unfortunatley it still happens a lot. Dont even get me started about my job, i have been treated terribly as well. I wont even go into it as once i start i cant stop!!!
Mrs. Taz Posts: 1216
OMG Brdee - that is terrible. Definitely follow it through with the union. They can't excuse you because you are pregnant.
billygate Posts: 952
prehaps they just needed someone in the role asap but it was still handled badly she should have the guts to be honest with you!!
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
I would def believe this is happening in 2008, has happened to one of my friends, plus I'm not even going to bother going for the next role that comes up cuz I know there is no way I'd get it in my place cuz I'm pg, they would have hundreds of other stupid reasons why I wouldn't get it but I know its being pg thats why I won't get it its unbelieveable really and really really annoys me, good on u pet for standing up for urself keep going !!!
Moet for me Posts: 1841
Bridee I would kick up a massive stink about this it is completely illegal and to be honest they are only chancing their arm, it is a complete joke for you to be treated in this way. A coleague of mine was telling me she went for a big promotion in work on her due date so she was on ML when the interview came up and she got it too. they are way out of line
sunshiniest Posts: 303
Hi Bridee, Had a very similar experience. Was passed up when a role, a large part of which I was already doing for nothing, came up as a promotion with higher pay >:o( . It was given to someone who'd just finished their 1st yr in the place (I've been there over 4!). Was def. down to me being pregnant and the boss wanting something else involved in the job attended to asap - no way she was waiting for me to come back from leave - at least that's what I've put it down to. Like you I confronted her about it just so that I could hold my head up and not feel like I'd taken it lying down, aside from that what can you do? You can either start formal proceedings which tend to cause a load of strife (and in my experience of watching others, can injure your professional rep. if you decide to move jobs, particularly if you are working in a close-knit field) or you can suck it up and be less helpful in the future. I'm opting for the latter in this case. Initially I'd felt that taking the extra unpaid leave would make it awkward for them. Now I have no such empathy... if I want it I'll take it. I've no intention of making things easier for them!! Likewise unpaid overtime, volunteering for extra bits and pieces, etc. I'm just not going to be available... Some of the advice is very gung-ho, and I admire the gutsiness behind it, but I couldn't deal with the hassle behind making a formal complaint. The fact is that in the situation of a formal complaint the boss will defend his/her decision at your expense. He/she will write up/fabricate whatever notes necessary to back up his/her decision and probably won't hesitate to paint you in a negative light making little of the effort you've expended and your value in the workplace. While colleagues may console you privately, thats usually as far as it goes, unless you've been treated dreadfully they won't stick their necks out on your behalf. Yes, its discrimination. Yes, its unfair. Yes, its annoying O:| O:| O:| O:| O:| . In most situations you get no satisfaction when you try to prove this. Sorry, but that's how it is...