Disposable Cameras on tables

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Excited2010 Posts: 777
Hi there Just wondering if any of you are planning on doing this and if anyone knows where to get them cheap or where to get them including developing? If any of you have different ideas would love to hear them as well thanks
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
hey. i am def thinking of doing this but only for the little table of kids at the wedding, i think it will be great to get a kids eye view of it!! not sure where im getting them developed but will prob get them from www.celebrationsplus.com they have them at the moment 10 for £19.99. think www.confetti.co.uk do them too at good price. maybe look up those sites and see what ya think. but fairly good price and doubt much more with delivery! O-O hth
lstars Posts: 1199
would not be mad on this idea, althou h2b is keen to have them, but my sis had them at her wedding and ended up with 100 pics of forks/glasses/floor and spoons!! can get cheap on ebay thou? O-O
elizajane Posts: 631
Just a suggestion but do you have one or two ppl (depending on the size of the wedding) that would be ok with a digital camera Idea been that they would circulate the tables during the meal and take pics - someone who's a bit of crack and who'd have no prob getting ppl to pose for them would be handy Saw this done at a friends wedding and the brother of the groom did the job and he was fantastic and all the pics are really great - he also kept clicking wel into the night - he probably would have been doing this anyways so no extra work involved there. Mite be a way of saving a few quid!! Just a thought....
evamac2 Posts: 20
My sis had them at hers too and if you can get a good deal they are definately worth considering. You end up with memories of moments you would never see otherwise (some of which are probably best not seen) :hic I am having them though for sure. Will send you a link tomorrow eve of where Im ordering mine (very reasonable) if you want I just dont have brochure here beside me.
Excited2010 Posts: 777
yeah that would be great thanks. Thanks for all your other suggestions. Will defo consider getting someone to go around with the camera if i cant find a good deal on disposables. Keep the ideas coming O-O
rosiemama Posts: 3363
we got ours on confetti.co.uk as someone else said. tbh i don't think i would bother doing it again. we have got about 10 good pictures out of 270, and then there are the 360 degree views of our first dance which is just cringeworthy! getting someone to go round tables taking pics for you is probably a better idea and you're more likely to get decent photos out of it.
nikbic Posts: 344
hia yea im thinking of doing this as well but not sure if one on each table is to much that maybe i should just give it to the 4 older kids that will be there with a list of funny snaps to catch on the nite??? anyhow pixamania are doing cameras for €1.22 per camera and €7 shipping i think its the cheapest ive seen..... its under 35mm and instant cameras on their web O:o)
evamac2 Posts: 20
Hi again, Heres my link for the cameras. She got some other favours from them too that went down really well. Worth a look anyways.. http://www.weddingfavoursinvitations.com :compress
Jawl Posts: 8881
Any time I've been to a wedding and they've been on the table, people seem to lose all sense, and end up taking pictures of themselves, lovely close ups of their nostrils/chins/eyeballs etc :o0 So I'm not going to bother. I'll have my own camera with me on the day, and I might give my nephew the job of going around and taking pics!