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chiara k Posts: 97
[quote="jamseyjo":2l2kdmhb]Personally i have found public health nurses to be absolute C.U.Next.Tuesday's. They are away with the fairies, so rough with the babies and have absolute no compassion for new mothers. By god, i'll know next time, thats for sure[/quote:2l2kdmhb] Love the generalisation....
ructions Posts: 2689
MrsAC Posts: 1190
I found the 1st community midwife to call out lovely was really good and give me lots a reassurance , second one that called out wasnt as nice but still grand, then the phn called out she was grand too bit old school maybe but she told me to ring if i ever needed her, and the all questioned me about my dog but nothing that upset me. I really thinks it depends on who calls you could get a nice one or a dismissive one. But i would definitly let them in they are there to help
Sassy1 Posts: 446
I know there are good and bad in every profession sure there are enough in the one I am in but there is no way in hell anyone is going to go snooping in my kitchen - but I am just picturing her face when she sees the rottweiler :o0 - MrsAC can I ask what sort of questions she asked in relation to your dog - if you don't mind sharing I am just wondering what to expect
MrsMtoB Posts: 1212
My phn is lovely. She's called out a couple of times and rang also in case I had any questions. I found her great with helping with breastfeeding and loved the way she didnt weigh dd when she came to visit. I think people often exaggerate about how awful their phn is because they said this or that, when really they're there to help and offer advice, you don't have to follow it. They have great knowledge of other community services that you may or may not need to avail of in the future, speech therapy, dietician, etc.
gopro Posts: 1801
dont forget your PHN will need to do the heal prick test
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
I've found them a mixed bag, like most professions. Our LO got the heel prick test done in hospital.
Bonnie Parker Posts: 2670
I found mine grand. Heal prick is day 5 I think so depends if you're still in hospital.
Sassypants Posts: 4461
We went back to hospital for the heel prick test (or the prick heel test as himself calls it). Our PHN is grand. Totally inoffensive but not very helpful. Absolutely useless when I had bf issues but a nice girl nonetheless. A few of the girls in my Mammy group have brilliant ones, a few have crappy ones. Best of luck OP, if she goes into the kitchen just tell her to mind her own business or a doggy might nip ;)
MrsAC Posts: 1190
[quote="Sassy1":7l0yav8i] MrsAC can I ask what sort of questions she asked in relation to your dog - if you don't mind sharing I am just wondering what to expect[/quote:7l0yav8i] Hey sassy They all just said , oh i see you have a dog and i said yes we have him nearly 4 years, they all asked about the breed ,its manor, was it a house dog . I just said yes its a house dog and very well behaved around children as it was use to my nieces and nephews . She just said to be careful till they get use to one another.