Divorcing the in-laws 2 B....is it possible??

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Time For A Change Posts: 6885
Does anyone have this problem? I'm dreading my wedding day,no don't get me wrong ladies, I can't wait to marry my soulmate-I'm just dreading taking on his family as in-laws!Most Sundays we have to endure a poisioning session, sorry, Sunday dinner in his parents house.Now, I must've been spoilt growing up as my Mum and all my aunts are good cooks,but MIL2B is USELESS!!She once gave myself and H2B Sweet & Sour Chicken WITH! Schezuan Beef...we found out later!We were sooo sick afterwards.His Dad does the Sunday dinner-she's not allowed to go near it,but that's not any better!You don't serve cold roast beef, with nearly pulped "vegetables", scalding hot roast potatoes and gravy thats as thick as cement.I always feel queasy after having any sort of dinner there-am I over reacting? His ignorant only brother is unfortunatley a groomsman and I'm praying that he doesn't have to open his mouth to anyone at the wedding.Nobody understands him,that includes his family as he mumbles everything, he doesn't stand still and if I was left alone in a room with him for five minutes....I'd flatten him.To be polite I'd call him a knacker or a shamone-just think of shaved head and white tracksuit with runners!!! I want to marry my H2B-BUT NOT HIS FAMILY!!Don't get me wrong, my family aren't exactly saints either,but I've to put up with his family more than my own!HELP!!! O:|
Shrub Posts: 956
This is a wind up right?? :o0
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
You have to see it to believe it! They are unreal, I adore my H2B, but dear God you need the patience of a saint with his mother and brother-and a translator with him too!!!The family say it's because he always had a soother in his mouth - that and laziness!!!
*gone* Posts: 4785
I don't mean to sound mean here but is the main gripe you have with your FMIL that she can't cook?! Not everyone is blessed with Nigella's culinary skills you know! As for the brother - perhaps it's a lack of self confidence that makes him mumble.
NowGone Posts: 8042
Why not have them over for dinner at yours? Why do you HAVE to go over to theirs every Sunday? If you don't like it, I'm inclined to suggest you don't go... Or is this a wind up?
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
[quote:15vc3j5i]She once gave myself and H2B Sweet & Sour Chicken WITH! Schezuan Beef...we found out later![/quote:15vc3j5i] God love her she probably thought she was doing great, my MIL wont eat a chicken curry, cos she doesnt like Chinese food !!!!
Topgear Posts: 1559
from just reading ur post i think u would look 4 any excuse to run down your in laws ..my mother in law to be cant cook but she a nice person and i would never look down my nose at her or her familyy.. grow up
aoife1 Posts: 333
Daisychain, Are our MIL2B's the same person???!! Mine is exactly the same don't worry. I don't really go to the house anymore, but that's not because of her horrendous cooking..even H2B makes fun of the nuked vegetables. It's more to do with her obsession with death and all things negative. H2B's parents are separated under the same roof and make everyone miserable having to listen to them snipe at each other...so that is the reason I have removed myself from the negativity that goes on in that house, I rarely go up there now.
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
You have to believe me,this isn't a wind up-I swear! We've had his parents over for dinner before. I was gobsmacked that FIL2B nearly swallowed his food in one go - and then asked which bedroom would he use to go for his nap!!!! This man does it every Sunday in his house-there's war if he's late for his 2.30 sleep and the man is barely over 50! I didn't actually think he would do something as rude as that - he was a guest in our house for cryin' out loud. You'd think we were stuck in the Victorian times, "the women" (me, MIL2B and his Nan) had to go into the sitting room and watch a dvd, while "the men" (H2B,his 11yr old cousin who we hadn't been told was coming too and FIL2B) stayed in the kitchen with the radio on, drinking tea and then fecked off the shops for an hour. I was seeing red!! I had to sit through The Sound of Music while MIL2B "sang" along and his Nan snored her head off. Sorry if I'm sounding like a bitch, but "our day" is just over a month away and stress level have hit a new record! :o(
MRSWJ Posts: 540