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Shauna122 Posts: 9
Anybody done their own flowers? How did you go about the budget of it, I'm afraid of going over board and it ending up the same price as a florist. Or is that even possible is diy considerably cheaper than professional? Also did you have basic flowers or was it possible to give a professional a run for their money. I'm still unsure of what to do. Trying to cut costs here but dont want to just have plain flowers either if that makes sense.Any advice appreciated. Thank you.
Sine30 Posts: 11
Hi Shauna, I'm doing my own bouquets and floral centerpieces. Worked out much cheaper than a florists. I'm using artificial flowers, but you would not know they are artificial. How are you getting on with yours? I bought Calla Lillies from ali express and more Calla Lillies from Central Florist Supplies in Cork, for the centrepieces I am using roses which I got in Mr. Price. Have to make all these next week but I'm looking forward to it all.