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augustbride2 Posts: 45
Im makin my own invites....I must be mad!!!!! anyway any of you who made yours already how long will it take? ive 150 to make...theyre simple enuf print,punch,cut and bow??? just need a rough idea.....
Looney07 Posts: 2393
We did ours one Sunday afternoon for all the day invites and then spent one evening on the evening invites
Dub gal Posts: 382
I'm doing mine aswell. If I had put my mind to it I could have finished them in a week but I kept doing bits and pieces here and there and i've still not finished!!! Plan on finishing them next week
naru Posts: 137
I guess it depends on how much detail is going in to them. I had around 90 to do, they have taken me around 2 days to do :eek
Little Mrs Mc Posts: 577
We did ours on a saturday night but I had a few helping :wv
MrsKA Posts: 878
It probably took over 2 days in total. We did the gatefold style cards and I made all the gate folds by hand with a scorer. Then I had a ribon to attach to each card. But if you do so many every evening you won't feel it. I just wanted to get them out of the way. I made around 170 invites. Hope this helps you
rey Posts: 496
I think I might be making similar ones. I printed them all one evening and then did the bows around flowers another evening. It was tying the bows that killed tediuos but worth it in the end. I now have all the invites, rsvps and directisons stacked and will write them all on Saturday and post them... Keep going it is worth it to see your own work...
MrsKA Posts: 878
I didn't end up doing any bows. I just put the ribbon all around the card and stick it behind the inside of card. Then I stuck 4 hearts onto the ribbon on the front. It turned out really well and everyone was admiring them and couldn't believe me when I told them I did them as I had the inside bit embossed with hearts.
Grace Ann Posts: 2464
Im having the same trouble with the bow tying. its hard and frustrating work. trying to figure out an easy way to do them! Fair play to you conanne for working out another alternative. :wv just getting started but i just plan on doing a few every weekend for the next few months until they're done.
dublindoll Posts: 134
Conanne, your invites sound fabulous - I dont suppose you'd post a picture of them? We wouldnt copy them exactly! O:o)