DJ only with bar extension.. was it boring?

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MrsD2B08 Posts: 910
hey all of you married women who decided to go with just the DJ for the night.. i am wondering what you all feel about your decision now?? I was thinking that maybe with a bar extension, having a DJ for the whole night might get tedious and a bit boring.
Daisy Doo Posts: 1091
id be interested in this 2!
todins Posts: 191
We had a band then DJ so I don't have first hand experience of what you asking but what I would say is that you need to make sure you get a REALLY GOOD dj as it's a long time to be playing so he/she needs a great and varied selection of music for the night. If you change your mind and get a band and DJ I have a good recommendation for both. Best of Luck :wv
Hokey Cokey Posts: 4816
Was at a DJ only wedding a while ago and it wasnt boring at all. DJ played a great mixture of songs. While the dance floor wasnt as full as other weddings I've been (probably just as due to it being a small wedding), it was great. Definitely didnt dance as much but the craic was still great at the table
s wife Posts: 1445
i was at a wedding that only had the dj and it was great not one person made a comment on why they didnt have a band as the music was so good and varied :wv
MrsMay09 Posts: 382
I was in two minds about getting a band (for guests sake - I have no interest in them) Then I went to my future sister in laws wedding & the band were so bad. They didnt interact with crowd at all (which is the only reason why I was thinking of getting a band) & most people got up and danced for DJ. The floor was huge & the wedding wasnt big enough for it & then when people werent dancing it looked worse. I would have been annoyed if it was my day but I suppose if it happens on my day I'll be too busy enjoying myself to notice! Ive mad friends though that love dancing (like I do) so hopefully I should be ok
pamoynih Posts: 50
I am only having a DJ. I've gotten alot of grief for this with the family but he has a wide variety of music and I'm convinced it will be great!
MrsMay09 Posts: 382
Im getting grief too but what Im doing is avoiding the subject totally with people I know that will complain! O:|
pamoynih Posts: 50
My favourite uncle actually made me end up in tears over this telling me my wedding would be awful but after talking to others they made me feel better. Its your day and you need to do what you want and what fits into your budget!
MrsMay09 Posts: 382
Exactly - everyone has an opinion unfortunately. Music is music & in my opinion you can tell a DJ to change the music if its not getting the crowd going and you cant tell a band to change as they wouldnt be able to change their routine, voice etc.