DJ or band for wedding reception

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imdsanders Posts: 1
My wife and I can’t seem to agree who to hire for our wedding reception. We’ve discussed this over and over again but we just can’t decide. One thing that we’re putting into consideration is that we both have old Colombian women on our guest lists. Her tias and abuelas are coming and so are mine. We were hoping to hire someone who would at least be entertaining for them too. They can be really picky just so you know. Can some married couples out there give us a bit of advice? Which one did you get for your wedding?
ricky908 Posts: 4
Deciding between hiring a live band or a DJ to spin recorded music is one of the biggest reception issues you'll face. Both have their pros and cons; ultimately it's a question of budget and taste . Both services generally offer a set price for four hours of music with play beginning right before or right after the cocktail hour, with an option to pay for overtime