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mrswifey2012 Posts: 2042
Right so my DJ has sent me a variety of playlists. H2B and I are both into our music and are quite fussy tbh. None of the set lists are particularly appealing and we will be making a few amendments! However, 2 things that I can think of off the top of my head that I know I DON'T want are: Any Abba (pile of sh1te!), or the National Anthem (he has this at the end of one of his playlists - *CRINGE*!) :-8 Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with other people's choices, but these are just 2 things I knew I didn't want played. In fact, I like a bit of cheese ie Status Quo, Come On Eileen etc. Were/Are you fussy about what music is/was played at your reception? What do you enjoy listening to at weddings? What usual wedding songs make you shudder once you hear the opening bars? Would like your opinions on this Wollies!
Irish Wedding DJ Posts: 1436
Cheese is usually any song that has a dance associated to it.... that kind of marks them all out... Abba is common, but theres only two real songs... The jury is very much still out, in 2011 of 100 events I've done, 72% opted to have the national anthem played when given the choice... you might not like it but all events are different and thats why they are asking the questions, its the pursuit of finding your expectation and meeting it on the night.... and sometimes you'll get 20 questions that will all make sense when your dj is making a call on what to play.... The important thing when building the framework for your music on the night is to try and catapult yourself forward bearing in mind, the change in scenery from being in front a pc and being in front of a stage with lighting and sound blazing.... try and think about how your guests will react and what their level of expectation is from the night and what might get them dancing... if you approach your music from that end of the things, its very hard to get the music wrong... I hope this helps, good luck with your plans! Ruairi Finnegan
Rogue User Posts: 6101
I had a strict-ish list that the DJ had to stick to - no rock the boat, no bon jovi, no Summer of 69, no sh!te basically. I told him the kind of music we liked and he worked off that - he was young which helped and really into his music too. Definitely no National Anthem - you could get him to play "Ghost Town" by the Specials for a laugh instead, yes I know it's old at this stage but I still give it a giggle when I hear it. Gotta love your Fr Ted.
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
I had a few do not play songs: Come on Eileen (I can't say how much I hate this song) I've had the time of my life (Dirty Dancing, hate it) Any "Oirish" music, like N17, Lisdoonvarna etc. No National Anthem under any circumstances, don't like it as a song anyway but why have it at a wedding?! Our band did say the older guests would expect a few waltzes like Red Rose Cafe but the floor cleared during them and it was a short set, the oldies danced up a storm to Is this the way to Amarillo and 9 to 5 though. No Bon Jovi, Brian Adams, or Guns n Roses. I'm a picky cow though.
hadtoleave Posts: 2522
this is my don't list at the moment: Don’ts YMCA 500 Miles Raise me up buttercup Anything by David Gray I’m in the mood for dancing Country Roads Sweet Caroline C’mon Eileen Footloose Celebration Anything by Killers, AC/DC, U2, Snow Patrol and Kings of Leon its longer than the Do list :-8
mrswifey2012 Posts: 2042
Jaysus girls and I thought I was fussy!! Oh God I hate Sweet Caroline, thanks for reminding me of that one. Also hate Rock the Boat... *shudder*. Don't mind a couple of the ones you've mentioned, as I said I like a bit of cheese though! :-8 Love the power ballads!!
Flower Girl Posts: 1645
Be wary of cutting out all the cheese, though. I was at a wedding where both the bride and groom were really into their music and had picked the entire set-list - and nobody danced. It was all very trendy but pretty obscure music that nobody recognised, and just didn't have a dance-able beat, if you know what I mean.
hadtoleave Posts: 2522
[quote="Flower Girl":1vhnimyh]Be wary of cutting out all the cheese, though. I was at a wedding where both the bride and groom were really into their music and had picked the entire set-list - and nobody danced. It was all very trendy but pretty obscure music that nobody recognised, and just didn't have a dance-able beat, if you know what I mean.[/quote:1vhnimyh] i know you are right, it's tough to try and get the balance, i DETEST typical wedding music but obviously i want people to have a good time aswell and other people love the stuff i hate. think if i give him my list and then let him do his own thing after that, i will tell him if things are dying a death to do his own thing. i amn't fully happy with the dj. booked through the band and i saw him at a wedding recently and thought he was really lazy but the band assure me he will be good so going with it...another wollie had him aswell and she found him fine so fingers crossed. if he is playing rubbish on the night and no one is dancing, i will be straight up telling him to cop on. he will definitely earn his money that night!!
R2theB Posts: 1660
Friend of mine is a wedding dj and he said the song that absolutely guarantees a full floor is Knowing Me, Knowing You by Abba, which surprised me seeing as it's quite a poignant song. I don't think Abba are cheesy though, in fact I think Benny and Bjorn are two of the smartest and most fun song-writers of all time. I also think Come On Eileen is unfairly maligned, it's a fantastic song, we've just all heard it WAY too many times, Kevin Rowland's voice is out of this world and it's a very clever and catchy song. Anyway, my wedding playlist will be a guilty pleasure fest to beat them all. I absolutely love love love pop music, especially the oldies. But no Galway Girl, please, for the love of all that is good in this world, please no Galway Girl. And thankfully we're not getting married in December, the wealth of sh!te Xmas songs is too much to bear, especially (and I may be lynched for saying this) Fairytale of New York, that song can ask my derriere. UGH.
mrswifey2012 Posts: 2042
Oh God I'm having awful flashbacks of a certain GAA dinner dance that I went to years ago with my OH and last song of the night was of course Amhráin na bhFiann. They all stood upright, hands on their hearts and sang passionately, whilst I sat there sipping my West Coast Cooler. My OH threw me a glance of; get the eff up as I was attracting a lot of dirty looks and just general attention for not standing up.......*cringe-city!* :-8