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barbaraann Posts: 1500
would love to hear some feedback from motorbike owners as I am considering getting one :o)ll Would love to know Make, Model and CC - I won't be going for anything too big so if any of you can help, I would really appreciate it O-O
Claregirl1982 Posts: 71
No I don't own one but I was one before with my ex boyfriend and I was absolutely terrified. Only did it once!! :eek
fifibelle Posts: 4447
I have a Mo-ped (if that counts :-8 ) its 100cc
barbaraann Posts: 1500
[quote="Claregirl1982":3jrkp8zq]No I don't own one but I was one before with my ex boyfriend and I was absolutely terrified. Only did it once!! :eek[/quote:3jrkp8zq] Being pillion passenger is a bit different all right as you are not in control and can be terrifying, especially when going around bends. [quote:3jrkp8zq]I have a Mo-ped (if that counts Blush ) its 100cc[/quote:3jrkp8zq] Yep it counts, although doing Donegal to Derry everyday I'll probably be looking at something a bit bigger. I believe though that for a first bike you can't go over 'x' cc. Will have to check into it a bit more. Cheers girls :wv
Valkstar Posts: 2747
I have a 1100cc's a cruiser and really comfy. What type would you be thinking of? A cruiser / sports / tourer / moped? I can recommend a guy for training who is really good and can take you out for lessons on different types. You are restricted for the first two years as to the size of the engine etc. but I can give you more info if you'd like....let me know :wv
barbaraann Posts: 1500
Ah Valkstar... I was hoping you were still around :-8 I haven't seen you for a while :-8 It would have to be comfy - doin about 110 miles round trip each day :eek was going to head up to Letterkenny over the next week or so and have a look. I have been looking in AutoTrader but need to physically sit on one to gauge it iykwim :o0 But I'll defo be in touch as soon as. You're a star :wv
Valkstar Posts: 2747
:-8 I haven't really been around...just lurk the odd time :o0 Have you been pillion a lot in the past? If not, you might want to get a couple of lessons before you look at buying a bike....just to check your balance and nerve etc. I know one poor guy went for lessons and couldn't for the life of him keep a straight line, and couldn't corner at all so it wasn't for him! Anyway, give me a shout and I'll send you a few links etc. :wv