do any of you suffer from sweaty hands?

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soontobemammy Posts: 145
My hands are really getting to me lately, they are sweating all the time and I really do not know what to do with them. I have been googling it for some time and see that an operation or there is also a machine you can buy with electrical currents that would help. I really do not have the money for this now and wondering if anyone has anything else they would recommend :-8
StupidSexyFlanders Posts: 8402
I don't suffer from it myself but in the run up to the wedding I was using Perspirex in order to prevent sweating too much and staining my dress and it does say on the packaging that it can be used on hands. I got it in Tesco for around €7.
soontobemammy Posts: 145
thank you so much will get some of it this evening, sweaty hands is a complete disaster, feel so self conscious and have a big event coming up where il need to be shaking hands and handling paper work and the more i think about it the more my hands sweat, its the only place where i have a problem with sweating and its really getting me down :o(
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
I have the same problem, it started when I was about 17. My hands, underarms, and feet are effected. I tried every deodrant available and none worked. I tried hypnotherpy at a cost of £100 too. The other options open to me were surgery, Botox or that electrical currant thing you mentioned. My gp wouldn't refer me fir surgery for years cos he said there were too many risks. Eventually he did and I had the ETS ( endoscopic transthorasic sympathectomy). I had VHI at the time so it covered the costs- I don't know how much it costs. It was done in Vincents hospital in Dublin by Dr Stephen Sheehan. I had two operations a week apart where they severed the nerves supplying the sweat glands. It worked 95% on my hands- in very humid weather like we have now they will get ever so slightly clammy. It worked about 70% on my underarms. I since discovered a deodrant called Odaban which is very good. I recently recommended it to a girl who had a thread on here about sweating. I think she bought it, maybe do a search for the thread and see can you contact her and find out if it worked. You can buy it online for about €15. I can totally empathise with you, this sweating was ruining my life. I stopped going to mass cos I hated the part where you have to shake hands. I used to take jobs where I has less exposure to other cos I was so embarrased. Let me know if I can help you any further.
TAZ DEVIL Posts: 1706
I suffer from this very badly too since I was 16/17 its hyperhydrosis (sp) I have though, sweat effects me in underarms, feet, back, hands, face. my GP gave me a powder to rub into hands, underarms for wedding, but thank god it was not a hot day and I didn't perspire to much. I must dig this out and give you name. I have tried most things but this odaban is new to me thanks notlongtogo i must invest in it!
soontobemammy Posts: 145
thats exactly it, i have had it for about 12 years now and i went to the doctor back then and he had never seen anything like it before so told me just not to be nervous. thats not the case though, i find that if i hold anyones hand, my hand gets all sweaty, even holding the baby its so embarassing its like his clothes are clamy afterwards. i hate going on the phone at work as when i leave it down its wet or giving people something after iv held it, it is v v v embarassing. I also wanted to stop going to mass as i would b v humiliated when it came to shaking hands. Oh i wish there was something, im so nervous about the upcoming event now, i just feel like this condition is ruining it for me. Im constantly searching for something new. Ah its so horrible, i would love to got to all the folk dancing, salsa, dance with people at weddings but when holding hands come into it i look totally odd sitting back as I dont want people to comment :o(
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Yes it's hyperhydrosis I have too. Your post soontobemammy brings back so many bad memories for me. My boyfriend ( at the time) sister gave me her baby to feed just before bed, I had always avoided holding babies cos the heat if them made me sweat more. I was feeding her for about 20 mins and when I handed her back her mother commented on her wet clothes and started checking her nappy and wondering what happened. I had to tell her it was my sweaty hands. I was so embarrassed and she had to change her clothes they were so wet. That happened about 9 years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday. Doing exams the pages would be wet, I always wore long sleeves to cover my hands and sort of hold items with my sleeves over my hands so they wouldn't be so wet. Defo try the odaban first, I never really used it so I can't really say exactly how good it it, but I'll start it again cos in this weather I'm sweating a lot more.
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
When is the event? Order the odaban this evening if you can it should be with you in a few days. It will then prob take a few more days to work. I hope it works for you I remember clearly how much of a misery my life was when I had this. It's so great to be able to shake peoples hands now without fear and embarrasment. I actually notice now how many people have sweaty hands!!