Do braxton hicks mean you will go early?

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Hugz1 Posts: 6
Hi all, I have been having braxton hicks daily for the past 3 to 4 weeks... maybe 5 times a day. Anyone who is on the their 2nd, 3rd etc.... what was your experience with braxton hicks. Kinda worried as Im a good few weeks off ........
milis Posts: 7998
they've no connection to how early/late you will go. i had them every 5 minutes for a couple of hours at 35 weeks, led to nothing!! they can happen any time in 3rd trimester.
ladybirdy Posts: 157
Hi Wouldn't worry - I had them very regularly from 23 weeks with DD and she arrived on her due date so didn't result in me going early. Just try and relax when they happen or change position - I used to find sitting a certain way for ages would start them off.