Do I need a changer??

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glitterstar Posts: 18
Those of you who have had babies do I need a changer? Was thinking would need one upsatirs and downstairs if possible but my sister in law told me not to bother that she never used hers. saw a fab dark wood one in mams and papas for 315 euro. Is this way too expensive or worth it in your experience??! Thanks in advance girls:-)
rosiemama Posts: 3363
i would definitely get one. we have one upstairs, and were changing on the bed downstairs, but now i bring DS upstairs for all changes as it really is so much easier. saves your back, keeps everything nice and tidy and close to hand. we got ours in ikea for a lot less than that, but it is definitely something you will get a lot of use out of so if you can afford it why not?
glitterstar Posts: 18
Great thanks for reply rosie mama was thinking it would get lots of use...don't know why my SIS recommended not to get one!! I love the one in M+P's but it is pricey...we'll seee... :wv
wifin Posts: 4761
Hi glitterstar There was a big post on this the other day: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=249916 *)
MMAB Posts: 589
I would definatley recommend getting one, we have a mamas and papas one upstairs in DS's room and its so handy for the nighttime and then during the day downstairs we have a changing mat and change him on the top of the kitchen table. Your back will be broken otherwise especially after having baby, the physio told us after having your baby yhour back is very weak, as weak as it was during pregnany. I changed DS once on the bed and struggled to straighten myself up afterwards. Not all changing units are expensive, shop around and you will find one that suits your needs
Cherry Cola Posts: 9
I have to say our baby changer was the best thing we bought. We only paid €30 for it in Smyths and its fab. Even though DD2 is 15 months I still get her dressed every morning and get her ready for bed there too. She loves it. We chat away and sing songs and it really relaxes her. In saying that I have to keep a hold of her on it all the time would't trust her for a minute but so far she hasn't tried to jump off.
glitterstar Posts: 18
Thanks girls...reckon I'll be investing in one then! Thanks for the advice :wv
randomusername Posts: 2134
Glitterstar, your sis prob never used one so that's why she doesn't feel its needed. It seems to be another pregnancy issue that causes a big divide in camps! I personally wouldn't buy one because I'm so used to changing babies on my lap that I just know I wouldn't use it. That's definitely not a criticism of anyone else, just my experience
Idina Posts: 1289
Never had one, won't be getting one this time. Know 3 people who got them and never used them. Waste of money in my opinon.
popple Posts: 1368
whatever way I read this thread, it looked like Charger! :o0 :o0 :o0 sorry just made me giggle. Imagine, I'll charge the baby upstairs and down stairs if needs be!! hee hee god I need to go for a sleep under my desk! We got a changer for the nursery hopefully we'll use it, cheap enough one in Ikea. :wv