Do I need more wine?

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smaointe Posts: 189
Hello all, Just curious as to what you would do- the question being should we buy more wine - our hotel is giving half a bottle of house wine per guest at the reception. I'm not sure if thats enough? or as a guest would you be happy with that? I'm guessing that it will be gone soon enough if our guests drink wine like i do :-8 That means if I do buy wine how much would I need seeing as the hotel is providing some? We are having 100 guests to the reception. Thanks O-O
fish12 Posts: 389
Mrs.daffodil2010 Posts: 385
When we had our 6 month meeting with our hotel they were saying that its normal for half a bottle of wine per person. There is approx 7 glasses per bottle (thats standard size glasses, not fill em up and slurp em down size glasses that I like :o0 ), so going by that each person could get over 3 glasses of wine during the meal. It also depends on whether you are leaving the bottles on the table or if the wait staff are pouring the wine. If bottles left on the table they are sure to be consumed (certainly my guests would be lashing into them :o0 ) whereas if its a pour then its a more measured approach.
mrsm2010 Posts: 464
We are supplying wine and will give half a bottle per person as well as a toast drink.
lovelyb2b Posts: 733
We had the hotel supplying 2 glasses of wine per person which is half bottle per person. And I have to say it was plenty! We had ppl who had their own drinks and water and the wine and it was loads. You're not supplying the wine for them you just giving it as toast drink I presume so its loads and dont put yourself under trouble getting more. The money we saved on the wine as hotel supplied it we got magnum bottles of champers for guests on arrival. It was 8e per bottle and they the big ones. Our guests still comment on the champers how nice it was etc. Even ppl who don't drink champagne thought it was fab!!! Maybe do something like that instead. We had 150 ppl and 10 magnums was all that was used..... :wv
moobear Posts: 1126
1/2 Bottle of wine is plenty. As op have said there are people that dontdrink wine & then there are others that will only have one glass. Your guests will bring their drinks from the bar into the room & there will be water on the table also IMO you do not need to worry about the wine - there will be plenty