Do i need to get a drink licence

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Shoobie Posts: 82
Hi, After our church ceremony we are having sandwiches,tea etc in the community centre. I would love to give ppl option of having a bottle of beer as we are no where near a pub...Do you think i would get away with having a wheelbarrow/bin of beer like ya would at a house party.. or would the centre have to get a drinks licence?
MrQ Posts: 1085
You would only need a license to sell the product(s) for cost price or profit. If you give it away then there's no issue. So long as the Community Centre are happen having Alcohol being supplied on site and there are sufficient toilets with wash hand basins then there should be no issue as you cannot serve alcohol/food without sufficient facilities.
Shoobie Posts: 82
Brilliant thanks for that...Yeah they have plentt of facilities..Hopefully they will be ok with it..