Do I need to wear something over this dress...

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puddin2 Posts: 1093
...wearing it to a wedding in 2 weeks and trying to decide if I need a cardi/jacket/shawl type thing over it?? ... 2143413384
Rocksie80 Posts: 4045
I don't think you [i:3riyrvsl]have[/i:3riyrvsl] to wear something over it, but I'd always have a cardi or wrap with the weather being so bloody unpredictable. It's a lovely dress, and would be absolutely fine on its own.
puddin2 Posts: 1093
Thanks Rocksie! That is what I was thinking but wasn't too sure. What colour cardi or wrap would you put with it?? I am wearing sparkly sandals and unsure what colour to get my fascinator - I am so indecisive these days :o0
Rocksie80 Posts: 4045
A nude or cream wrap / cardi and fascinator would be lovely. What colour hair have you though, as nude can get lost in blonde, but stands out better with dark hair? ... 7790014605
StupidSexyFlanders Posts: 8402
If its a church wedding you might have to get something to cover your shoulders.
puddin2 Posts: 1093
I have blonde hair so that fascinator might blend a bit much. Might see if I can find a nude and red one somewhere. SSF it is a church weddin in the UK so will check if they are strict with covering shoulders. Don't think they are as we've been to christenings in the same church and there were some bare shoulders. Thanks for your help ladies :)