Do I need travel insurance?

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Handymammy Posts: 1086
Hi all, we are off to Spain for a week in May for a friend's wedding. I usually get the year long travel insurance but let it lapse in March as thought we won't be going off on a big long-haul holiday this year. Now I am wondering if I need to reinstate the travel insurance in case I go into early labour or something when I am in Spain. Seems like a lot of money for one measly week in the sun!! Or would my normal Hibernian health insurance cover it?
feather Posts: 1831
Can you not get a one trip insurance instead of a whole year?
WilmaFlintstone Posts: 1318
If your return date is withing 14 weeks of your due date, you may need a doctors letter confirming that you were healthy leaving for the trip, written within 72hrs of departure (you may need this in order to claim - not in order to travel IYKWIM. Insurance companies think women in their 3rd trimester are very high risk, so it really is worth it to read all the T&C's, or giving them a call to make sure you really would be covered in the unfortunate event you needed to claim.
jarashow Posts: 3083
I would say to get something as you aren't covered if you go into labour early when abroad. At least that's what Avivas told us when we went to NY. We got travel insurance with them that that covered maternity if you are under 14 weeks I think when you fly home and it also took off the standard abraod helath cover so it was quite cheap, I think €30 or so for the week. Check with your health insurance if they will cover you abroad and decide after that.