Do I really need a DJ?

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trolleyhopper Posts: 16
Having a small wedding in Wineport with the band starting at 10.30, do you think I still need a DJ?
Milly83 Posts: 3620
Quick answer-NO I am having a DJ at mine but my brother didn't have one. The band finished just after midnight and it was fine. Everyone kind of hung around for a sing song. It depends on whether you want the dancing to last into the night or whether you just want everyone chatting at that stage of the night. Also, there are expectations to have a bar extension when the DJ is playing.. More expense!!!!!!! O:|
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
We didn't have one and I'm glad because it would've gone to waste. We had 80 guests and the majority were at the parenting stage or older. The band finished at 12.30 and that was plenty for everyone. We were all danced out at that stage!
ducky13 Posts: 23
We're not having a DJ, mainly cos we both don't like them! We've asked some of our musical friends to bring instruments etc. and we're going to have a session afterwards, and everyone thinks it's a great plan, expecially the Hotel! Also it gives you more of a chance to have a chat with people afterwards that you might not have caught up with on the day yet.
Irish Wedding DJ Posts: 1436
Hi Guys, Firstly, as the name on the left suggests - I am a disc jockey so my input on this subject may not be percieved as impartial. Every wedding is individual. I can honestly say that in all the weddings I have carried out, each one has its own identity in some way, shape or form. If you are confident that you can bridge the gap between a band finishing and the end of the night with a singsong then that can have equal results as booking a disc jockey. The advantage of having a disc jockey to hand is that you have some sort of gaurantee of keeping people entertained up until the time that the bar has closed and if your guests would be inclined to have a sing song, the residents bar will provide the perfect outlet to do so. My main concern is that somebody might try the sing song option and it could bomb, and this can be very hard to reverse on the night and there may not be a backup plan to salvage the night. in some cases is may to be practical and some people may not like disc jockeys from fear of hearing all the cringeworthy cheese on toast classics. Talk to your disc jockey, give him your requests for Do's and Don'ts and generally try to give him or her an idea of what you would like to hear. The cost of hiring a disc jockey is relatively inexpensive with prices starting from €300 upwards, this would only account for a small part of a wedding budget, yet it will provide you with one of the main aspects a wedding reception - the entertainment. As i mentioned above, an impartial opinion but I hope it helps. Ruairi Finnegan