do people know the real you?

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moanna Posts: 1081
my last post got me thinking. all my friends and family know me as being really laid back and generally not giving a shite about things when underneath it all im a real worrier. i worry about stupid things like people dying and being fired and not been able to have babies but i keep it all inside and if someone says are you ok about X id be like ya not a bother when i could not have slept the nite before over it, even OH or my BFF dont see it. i always get ahh sure bali yourself and OH are soo laid back!!! even when im really upset over something ill tell people im grand or ill never confront peopel just to keep the peace. anyone else like that. id love to have more balls!!!
Crystal Gal Posts: 464
I could of wrote most of that myself, I worry over the smallest thing that might not happen, one of my friends said the other day im cool out about everything but really my head is going a hundred miles an hour thinking about suits, rings, mass booklets u name it. I have to say if something or someone is bothering me I would try sort it to the best of my ability nothing worse when things are eating u up inside, if I were u id take to your oh about how ur feeling, that works for me, hope ur ok x
MrsAmy Posts: 983
My 2 best friends ( one male, one female) , my OH and my family know me for who I am and I can be 100% myself around them... the rest of the world however, is an entirely different story.I have barriers, walls, defences etc I can hide behind and not get hurt!
Esio Trot Posts: 124
Same as FutureMrsS, except with me it'd be mainly just family and OH that'd know the real me. think that's part of the reason why i love OH so much, he knows the real me and he still seems to like me!! :lvs bali i agree with Crystalgal i'd at least try to share my worries with your OH so you're not dealing with them all on your own x :action32
amthee Posts: 688
I'm slowly releasing my crazy in work! I'm working there eight months now but my friends and family know me for me. But it does bother me that me two older sisters would tell everyone that I'm a real bridezilla O:| O:| O:| just because I like things a certain way. I'm a real perfectionist. I am organising everything myself and never ask anyone for help so that really annoys me and I do let them know that.
exmiss Posts: 199
My mother knows me-just by my voice she knows how I'm feeling! My OH knows me aswel-can't get anything past him which is great as I tend to bottle things and pass them off with the typical I'm/it's grand!