Do tens machines work?

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mischa09 Posts: 1068
Hi Would anyone recommend getting one of these? If so would you rent or buy one? M
twinklegirl Posts: 716
I bought mine in boots and thank God I did.I was in labour all day and night with contractions and it was really a great help.When I went into hosptal I was 6 centimeteres and I only got to that because of the relief had from it! Get one they are brill.
chicam Posts: 1169
I agree with Twinklegirl, TENS are great when you're in labour at home - I hired one from Boots for 7 weeks for something like 25.00 and you get it 4 weeks before you're due in case you go early. They DEFINITELY work and how I know is that the batteries on mine ran out and in the 5 mins it took DH to change them, the blinkin contractions were hard hard hard!!!!! I got a MAMAELLE one, it was great, v easy to use and sends practice pads that you can play with way before the contractions start so you get used to using it. HTHs!
McMummy Posts: 1041
I hired one for medicare the brand is called pulse it's the one they use in hospitals and supposed to be the strongest / best. I had 32 hours of pre-labour contractions at home and I don't think I would have managed without the TENS. I found it great and will use it again all going well for this labour.
mrs mammy Posts: 1487
I got the one from Medicare too. TBH I didnt get much relief out of it but I think we put it on too late i.e about an hour after labour started, I think you are supposed to put it on the minute you think labour is starting. Also make sure the electrodes are well attached, when we went to take mine off in the hospital, it turned out that they were half on half off, maybe use plasters to ensure that they stay on?
totalnovice Posts: 787
Yes defo worth getting, i bought mine online and found it great. even besides the pain relief, i found it great to have something i could control! Got me through to 8cm :o)ll
baby-bel Posts: 929
I bought one on and found it great the whole way through as it was a distraction if nothing else :wv
einstein Posts: 485
Can anyone recommend a really good one? I will check out the ones already mentioned. I seen one in Mother Care.... has anyone got this one? Is it any good. My friend is due around the same times as me. If we bought one can we share it? Would I need to replace some pads or something???
madridsprog Posts: 272
I've read loads of rave reviews about them how much do they cost?
Salander Posts: 1639
there was one in Unicare pharmacy for about €50. It had bigger pads designed for maternity use. Really thinking of getting one. Must have another look next time i am there.