Do the Fathers need special suits?

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AquariusGal Posts: 512
Hey girls - hadn't even thought of this but a couple of people mentioned that the dads need similar suits to the groomsmen with waistcoats this necessary? Myself and my OH don't mind them wearing "normal" suits - and they are def not keen on wearing waistcoats and all that lark!
missussunshine Posts: 513
They dont have to be the same as the rest of the men but think its fairly commonly done alright, we hired all the lads suits and the two dads got the same 3 piece as the rest even though we thought they wouldnt bother with waistcoats either but they wanted them. I think it made them feel more distinguished from the other guests and looked nice and smart, photos turned out lovely too. Bottom line though, do whatever suits ye and yer dads.
macker2b Posts: 720
Dads don't need to wear matching suits. They can wear a 'normal' suit ie their own or a variation of the suits the bridal party are wearing. Our 2 dad's are wearing the same as the best man. We have a small bridal party one bridesmaid and one bestman. We asked them if they wanted to wear their own suits or would we dress them. They weren't bothered either way so we picked to dress them and have less stress on the the mam's trying to get suits for them. (both are horrors to bring shopping :o0 ) It's what you guys want at the end of the day. You dont 'have' to do anything you dont want to.
galwaygirl2010 Posts: 2447
They dont need to wear special suits if they or you dont want. My Dad just wore one of his own suits as he felt more comfortable in it then a fancy suit for the day.
sarahstrikes Posts: 214
If ye are all happy with the fathers to wear they're own suits its perfectly fine. I wanted my dad to wear his own suit as he would have a very individual style but Hubby to be said no way, that all the men have to look the same at the top table. I let him off as he's very into traditions and Ive made every other decision about the wedding. Personally I would have preferred he wear his own suit but I can see my hubbys point too. See how the fathers feel about it. They may not want to look less formal at the table. Whatever decision you make will be right. :compress