Do the shoes go with the dress?

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Mad Mod Posts: 1079
What do you think? [url:8c27jz2b][/url:8c27jz2b] I'm in love with the dress but can't actually afford it. :weep I have my credit card close to hand... :o)ll
Mad Mod Posts: 1079
[attachment=0:3hipvs3w]2224794998.jpg[/attachment:3hipvs3w][attachment=1:3hipvs3w]7766387268.jpg[/attachment:3hipvs3w][attachment=2:3hipvs3w]6110014168.jpg[/attachment:3hipvs3w]Got pics...
Leftbank Posts: 2395
Adore the dress, stunning. Not mad on the shoes tho...
Alsgal12 Posts: 1411
I think they go perfectly. The dress is stunning but it looks HORRENDOUS with black tights though- what were they thinking!
Persephone Posts: 928
Love the shoes and the dress but not mad on them together. They're a perfect colour but there'd be too much going on in my opinion. I'd go for something in the same colour just a bit more simple, maybe a peep toe.
Mad Mod Posts: 1079
Thanks for the replies :thnk Coast seem to have a lot of black tights with dresses. I wouldn't wear this particular dress with opaque tights. The black belt is throwing me a bit. Maybe black shoes?
ianstuart Posts: 1947
Love the dress but with different shoes and NO black tights
Mad Mod Posts: 1079
See the shoes on the model? They look very worn... I have black peep toe heels. Will the go? I can't buy the dress. It will break me. I want it so badly.
SunnyK Posts: 3834
Christ it is pretty expensive!! Fab dress though - if you were to get it I'd go with nude peep toes and for the love of God, no black tights - what the hell were they thinking putting black tights with it?! A nice tan and some dark purple / wine colour nail varnish would be lovely I think.
penny0904 Posts: 14
I just like that dress :lvs