Do they show a video at most ante-natal classes??

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pluto Posts: 3893
Cos hubby's FREAKING OUT at the thought of it. We have our first class of two tonight. He's threatening to put up his hand and all and ask if he can leave while its on - I'll feckin kill him, he'll mortify me! :o0 Seriously though, I wouldn't be a fan of it now myself, and would rather not see it, but if they show it I'll watch. Don't think hubby will though. He can't even look forward to the class coz he's so worked up about the prospects of "the video" ;o(
Anonymous Posts: 24542
[b:279p5h2z][i:279p5h2z]Please[/i:279p5h2z][/b:279p5h2z] tell me how this goes, as DH will literally pass out if there's a video. We're not doing ours for another while, and he's already stressing out about it. How comes yours is only 2 classes? Are you doing the CUMH one?
Wannabamama Posts: 481
Hi Madgie, Im not sure if they show a video at all ante-natal classes, i know we will have to sit throught one tomorrow. From what ive heard from other people the video is not normally too bad, its normally a relatively non-complicated, posititve birth video, aimed at making you less nervous about the whole birth.
pluto Posts: 3893
Maybe all dh's are the same so! We're doing the one with the consultant's clinic at the back of the CUH. The times of the hospital one didn't suit - 2-4 for 3 Tuesdays, but this is 4pm-7pm for 2 Fridays which isn't too bad. Can't believe its tonight!! But back to hubby - he's pale at the thought of them showing a video, and I know what he's like....he'll make a show of me. ;o(
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Could you find a few of the more straightforward ones on YouTube and show him one, just to get him over it before the class? (Or at least pass out on the comfort of his own sofa!) Then again, if he's anything like my DH, he won't even entertain the thought, even though I've found some nice 'easy' ones to show him. (I went for the Thursday afternoon classes, as it means three afternoons off work >:o))
bonita Posts: 1678
I just watched one on youtube - Im in shock, maybe I picked a bad-ish one to watch for a first timer - but oh oh
RJR Posts: 962
I'm definitely going to sit out the video if there is one - DH has no problem watching one but there's no way I will. I'm not nervous about the birth and labour at all, really relaxed about the whole thing but I know for sure I don't want to see a video. The way I see it, I won't see it on the day (definitely not from that angle anyway :o0 ) and if I was going for any other medical procedure I wouldn't be expected to sit through a video showing me in graphic detail what will happen. I'm just so relaxed about the whole thing that I don't want to do anything to change that, and I think seeing a video of it will play on my mind. I want to know what to expect and what will happen but I don't need to see it if you know what I mean?
Anonymous Posts: 24542
I'm watching as many of them as I can, Bonita, in an attempt to prepare myself. I've found most of them grand, but there was one involving a scissors that freaked the crap out of me! :eek For the first time in my life, I'm beginning to think that sometimes too much knowledge can be a bad thing... :ooh
silíní Posts: 4219
We had our first ante natal class this week and the midwife said she wont be showing us a video, as she said every woman's birth is different and it isnt necessarily helpful! I was relieved, as was DH!!! Ive watched plenty of those birthing programmes on living tv etc before i was pregnant but i've been avoiding them like the plague since as they frightened the bjaysus out of me!!!!
oirish Posts: 1541
hehehe, they showed us one at our class on wednesday , there was a few pale faces !! One girl read a magazine through it. Me and dh giggled through it - it felt so weird watching it with other people in teh room, i've watched some very very graphic videos online and it wasn't shocking to me at all but being in with other people watching it was weird !! poor dh had an awful evening that night being first subjected to the video then me going upstairs to the labour ward and being admitted. poor boy ha. anyway - they do say that anyone who dosen't want to watch can wait outside, where we were anyway.