do u have to provide a meal for the photographer?im not sure

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janismadigan Posts: 6
:o)ll not too sure about this some people r telling me yes others no?
Mrstobe10 Posts: 1793
I would have thought no - your already paying for him!
Yoda Posts: 3340
Have never heard of someone paying for the photographer's meal unless close friend, he / she is there to do a job so I would think No :wv
bumble Posts: 1980
Most photographers leave when the meal is starting as they take the photos during the drinks reception so in that case no. On the other hand if you are having a videographer most will stay until the 1st dance and in that case you usually provide them with some bar food. It's only fair as they'll have been working all day and will be starving too!
trolleyhopper Posts: 16
We're feeding ours as he will be with us all day from before we arrive at the church until midnight. He expects to be fed - but it's not unreasonable considering the amount of time he's spending with us. If, however, he finished working before the meal I don't think you should have to feed him!
garym Posts: 131
Hi Generally the photographer finishes before the meal so will not require food. The videographer is there much longer maybe a 12 hour day and being one myself most couples provide a bar snack or even a wedding meal brought into the bar. On a few occasions I have been treated as a guest and given a place with the other guests. Gary
GerGriffin07 Posts: 30
If you think of it like this- instead of a meal, would you or your H2b buy him a pint? Its kindof the same thing (apart from the cost difference!). It (sometimes) tends to be offered to the photographer on the day as a show of appreciation for a job well done. But its by no means neccessary.
mrdvd Posts: 649
We work alongside photographer's - most of whom dash off before the meal- and don't expect food. Some who must travel far or who stay for the first dance would require food and watering-though. We always ask for bar meals- (we may be with you for 12 plus hours)- and cant really be dissapearing for chips!. We find that hotels often don't charge the bride/groom for us- if they're notified in advance and if they're asked nicely- especially when you are about to write cheques to them for several grand. Most videogrqphers/photographers prefer bar meals- it's cheaper (you may be asked to pay full guest price if we eat with guests) and it's an opportunity to check cameras, tapes, memory cards etc. Please DO arrange for someone to offer coffee/tea/soft drinks - to your videographer/photographer. It's courtesy and helps keep us from wilting an opinion Martin [email protected]
Mike Patterson Posts: 62
Martin has hit it on the head in one. A lot will depend on where the photographer has come from ie had to travel to get to the venue so it's only fair that some food is thrown their way. I would stress, as Martin mentioned, it's probably not the main meal that everyone else has unless you have got to know him/her over time and like them and want them to be part of the day (which has known to happen now and then). The last 3 weddings I did I had food & in one instance accomodation sorted also but that was agreed up front so there were no surprises. The food was in the bar/lounge area seperate from main party. If they are local (ish) then I would say no they shouldnt expect to be fed or watered within reason. However, as a matter of courtesy, it doesn't mean you cant offer a drink to show appreciation. :lvs My 2p worth!! Mike