Do you/did you have a Quinny Buzz?

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ructions Posts: 2689
And what did you like and not like about it? We've been looking at buggies and so far it's the one we both like most. I find it lighter than a lot of the others and I like the bigger wheels because I plan to do a fair bit of walking. DH actually prefers it to the Bugaboo. There isn't much room for shopping underneath but I won't use it much for storing stuff. Any recommendations or warnings welcome!
Daff Posts: 11644
I have one. The only thing I don't like it the small shopping bad but you'll be surprised how much you can actually get in the bag bit that comes with it. It's a lot bigger than it looks. I love it cause I do a lot of walking outdoors and the wheels are just brilliant for that. It's very light and easy to control. Other thing I would have liked was to be able to put my handbag on teh handlebars but I've just ordered a little hook you can get to do that, only a few euro online! Other than that I think it's brilliant!
blondiee Posts: 771
We have one and I have to say it is the best buy we made. Babs slept in the pram part during the day downstairs when he was a teeny tot, I've done loads of walking with it, love the extending handle esp for going down hills. Love the basket underneath and the bag is so handy for bringing his cup and a couple of spare nappies etc now that I don't have to bring the changing bag everywhere. ONLY thing I could possibly fault is I have to take off 1 wheel when it's going in my boot (Renault Clio) it only takes a sec but if raining it can be annoying, it fits in my DH's boot not a bother (Saab) so my boot is just on the small side. Hope that helps, happy shopping
fifibelle Posts: 4447
We have a Buzz, a Bugaboo Bee and a Maclaren. Would I buy the Buzz again? Hmmmm, not sure really. It was lovely to have a proper "pram" for DS when he was tiny but he grew out of his before he was even 3 months :eek I find the Buzz very bulky and heavy for putting in/out of the car and it doesnt even fit in the door of my local chemist! However it is lovely if you are going for long walks but now that I'm back at work FT I wouldnt be doing many of them with babs. Really like the Bugaboo Bee but too expensive for what you get IMO. If I had my time again I would possibly buy a second hand Buzz as they sell really cheap second hand and then I would buy a new Maclaren from birth because you can even buy a bassinet to go into the Maclaren's from birth so that baby is facing you. HTH :wv
ructions Posts: 2689
Thanks for the responses, girls. Daff I'll be driving you mad with questions over on the August 2011 thread! :o0 Fifibelle which Maclaren is that? There seems to be so many types I get confused looking at them!
tilsun Posts: 4506
I have a Buzz and love it. Won't be changing anytime soon and DD is almost one *) I got over 3 months out of the Dreami and DD took all of her day-time sleeps in it. *) It is so easy to push, a little big but I've never not fitted anywhere *) DD can be facing me or out at the big world *) The car seat slots into it ( a major plus for running into shops) :o( It is very bulky in the boot :o( The shopping basket is small :o( The sunshade is too small and a nuisance in the summer
bumble Posts: 1980
I had the Buzz and loved it, just sold it though as DD is now 18mths and i do less big walks now and use the car more and the Buzz i found heavy to be throwing in and out of the car a lot. That said i did love it and DD was very comfy in it. It's a great buggy. The only negatives (which i knew before i bought it but they were well outweighed by the pros) are the small shopping basket, weight (any really good buggy will be heavy though) and the wheelbase width (had to open both doors to get into some places but have never not fit through a doorway). It's a great buggy from birth as the carrycot is brill, DD was in that until 5 mths and then in the buggy facing me and then eventually when she got very nosey we faced her forward. I love the easy recline on it, also loved that the maxi cosi clicked onto it was very handy darting in and out of the shops or if she fell asleep didn't have to wake her to take her out of car etc. If i could turn back time would i buy again? Yes, the only one that might win over it would be the Baby Jogger City Select as you can adapt that to be a double if you have a second child, it also has a bassinet, takes a car seat, can be rearwards facing, etc.
Marchbabs Posts: 39
Hi girls Just a question about the buzz I have bought it and my baby is due in 2 weeks time, if i'm planning on using carry cot for naps down stairs instead of dragging moses basket all over the house, do i need a mattress of some sort for it, or can the baby sleep in it the way it is? If I do need mattress what size would it be and where will I buy it! :thnk Thanks a mill xx
Daff Posts: 11644
nope you don't need a seperate matress, there's one in it already. Just so you know though, it's not suitable fro overnight sleeps. Best of luck with LO!
Aquafina Posts: 354
I don't dislike the Quinny Buzz, but probably wouldn't buy it again. We also have a Bugaboo Bee and it's much handier. I don't think the Bee would be great for country roads etc though. (That's not an issue for us though). My issues with the Quinny Buzz are the shopping basket (tiny!), sun canopy (which doesn't offer much shade in the summer), wide wheel base (we have a Baby Jogger double now as we're having a second baby and it's wheel base is only slightly wider than the Quinny!) and the seat isn't very big (DD is 18 months and is close to outgrowing it). I think there is an XL toddler seat available though??? The two part fold is also a pain and it takes up a lot of room in the boot. What I like about it is that DD always looks very comfortable in it and it's easy to push. It was also nice to be able to just click the car seat straight into the frame and it was easy to do. I like the way the frame pops up itself too. The vain part of me like that I get lots of compliments on it as we don't live in Ireland and it's not very popular here. Good luck with your decision *) I was all set to get a Bugaboo Frog when I pregnant with DD, but then saw the Buzz on sale for half price and got that instead. I'm not sure if a perfect buggy exists! I swore I wouldn't end up with loads of buggies and have four at the moment!