Do you drive a Nissan Almera??

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Hellothere2010 Posts: 2358
girls Dh is thinking of buying Nissan Almera as we dont have family car. Do any of you have one? Are they reliable? Is there anything you dont like about it?? We are going to look at them tomorrow - are they suitable for baby?
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
I've got a hatchback almera! It's a 05 one and I've never had a day's trouble with it! I bought it in Feb 06 and since then have put up about 80,000km so it gets well driven! I do service it regularly though! About every 10-15k km! I hadn't planned on having a family when I bought it almost 3 years ago but they way I look at it is it's every bit as big and bigger than some of the cars people with kids have! If you are thinking about it from a family car point of view there are 2 things I would consider about it 1. The boot is not huge! Will definitely be big enough for buggy and all but there are cars out there with bigger boots! Not sure what the boot in the saloon version is like! 2. There isn't huge room in the back seat either! I possibly notice this more because I have long legs and have the driver's seat back a good bit but if anyone sits behind me I have to pull my seat forward to give them a bit of knee room! Not a big deal while they are in a rear facing car seat but when they get a bit older they won't have as much room! Just something I would consider when changing car the next time! (In about 20yrs when we can afford it! :o0 )
leanbh1 Posts: 473
I have an 04 hatchback and like bride,have never had a days trouble with it.I actually bought it cos dh had one and put 114,000 miles on it and sold it in perfect nick! A word of warning though.When I started to research prams and car seats,I discovered that Nissans in general and Almeras in particular,are the worst in terms of being car seat compatible.In Murphys in Rathcoole they told me (and correctly too) that there are only two car seats you can put in it-a Britax one and a Teutonia one.The belts in the back are too long to have any tension on them to hold a Maxi cosi for example.They tried it with a base but said there was a problem with "buckle crunch" so that wouldnt work either..I was on the point of changing the car when the owners son suggested I ring Nissan and see if they'd install Isofix fittings in it,as there are "pre-fittings" in the car already for Isofix.I did this and yes,for €70 they will make it isofix compatible which means I can attach pretty much any seat,including the maxi cosi,to an isofix easifix base.This is only true however 0f 03 models on. Hth :wv
NemoFish Posts: 2501
H2B used to sell Nissans and he still claims that they are a great car, even now, when he doesn't get commision for them! There is loads of space in the boot of te saloon back almera. I used to drive one (old style - 99) and had no problems with it. (well I crashed it, but that was my fault!! :-8 ). They have a reputation of being a very reliable car. Not sure about the car seat issue though.
deem Posts: 710
we have an almera a saloon and have a brittax first class car seat, it has a metal bar at the back to help with the buckle crunch issue, My HB has a ferarrai car seat and when we tried to use his in my car, major issue. We used a mama's and papas car seat for babs till approx 10 months and then bought car seat to fit car, mamas and papas was ok too but only at begginning. I didnt think of the isofix on the car, will look into it though. thanks for the idea
winnie d pooh Posts: 139
I had a 03 hatchback and loved it, never any bother with it, my sis had a 96 up to a few months ago with over 200k miles on it and she never had any trouble either, well nothing you wouldn't expect with that mileage, she crashed it and had since bought another one. The parts aren't expensive for them either.
nea dude Posts: 749
My BIL and another friend had Nissan Almera's. Very reliable car, never any trouble with them. My friend sold his because he is a golf maniac and his golf clubs wouldn't fit in the booth. I think you should borrow a buggy if you don't already have one and take it with you when you are viewing the car. If it fits, then there is no reason not to get this car.