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summer daisy Posts: 1336
Hi everyone, Now that you have moved on to motherhood do you still have manicures, spa days, lunches out etc... I never ever do anymore (never really did to be honest, too busy saving for a house, a car, a wedding etc!!). I barely shop for myself and often wear any old clothes that are in the wardrobe without consideration for if they match or not (or sometimes even fit!)... Well today I made up for it and I bought these for me :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll ... tegoryid=1 can't post a pic but I love love love them :lvs :lvs :lvs While I was in BT's I rang my mom and my DH and they both told me to buy them. It is my biggest treat since the girls were born and I never thought I had a materalistic bone in my body but boy does retail therapy feel good!!! Loads of shoes in BTs are currently 40-50% off by the way. have a look :thnk
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
well done you, you defintely deserve a treat, hope you get loads of wear from them, i used to love my treats, facials manicures etc, and DH got me a voucher for a spa back in Jan, DS was only a few weeks old and only using it this sat, getting facial, pedicure and i CANT WAIT for it...dont do lunch the way i used to but i,m still battling weight and at weight watchers so ill be good until i get to my target, not far now.
Mrs Beasley Posts: 589
Fair play to you, you're dead right to buy them! I always INTEND to treat myself, but never get around to it, due to lack of funds or time, but I do wholeheartedly believe we SHOULD treat ourselves *)
lambnose Posts: 915
Woo hoo Summer! Fair play to you! They are super shoes though and very Gina. Now you will have to arrange a few nights out at a fancy restaurant and really show them off! O-O O-O O-O O-O O-O
Thumbelina Posts: 2340
Wow! They're fab! You TOTALLY deserve them! I must book a facial actually, try & go once a month as I've VERY unpredictable skin & the Guinot Hydradermie facials really help. Haven't been in almost 2 months so definitely due one!!!!
hipbaby Posts: 4530
oooh I want them!! Bday is coming up soon so must have a look!! I was at a wedding yesterday and on Saturday went for a pedicure and it was heaven been about 3 years since my last! And it was only 30yoyos have they come down?
Dreamster Posts: 6620
I'm not a "shoe" person but they are fab :lvs You deserve the treat SD - enjoy them.
princess! Posts: 348
oh i LOVE them your dead right to treat yourself there is nothing like feeling like yourself and a little special after having a baby. i would love to go for a massage oh and a manicure oh and a pedicure and shopping oh this is a dangerous thread my mind is going overtime now :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0
justwaitin Posts: 2462
summer they are so fab, your so right to treat your self. now treat your self to a fab dress and your all set >:o) i bought myself a pandora bracelet a few weeks ago i really wanted one and thought why wait for someone to buy it i can buy it myself, im now obessed with filling it with charms, dp bought me a liitle pram one and little boy one :lvs .
Lady Mama Posts: 162
I havnt treated myself since having ds! My mam and sis are always giving out to me, i always wore nice clothes, not overly expensive or anything but would make an effort now I just throw any old SH!TE on me and it's really beginning to drive me mad! I've decided to be a SAHM so money not there to just buy what I want but am going to start saving a bit every month so I can go buy something nice each month.