Do you get on with your OH's siblings?

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Jawl Posts: 8881
I know sometimes there can be the dreaded MIL/FIL thing. I don't have PIL unfortunately. But I guess in some ways it will make wedding planning easier. But do you get on with your BILs & SILs or do they irritate the hell out of you cos they're related to the dreaded PIL :o0 Just interested! H2b has 6 siblings. Get on like a house on fire with 3 of them, and their other halfs and kids. Three we don't see that much. Out of those 3, one I just don't like, she is a bit of a funny fish, and the other siblings don't kinda take to her either. The other 2 we just don't see that often, but they're okay. Funny enough, it's the ones I get on famously with, have annoyed me over wedding issues! But I realised at the beginning I wanted everything so perfect, a lot of it was in my own head. And I guess because I originally got on so well with them we are still good friends.
happilymarried2010 Posts: 493
i get on great with them thankfully. they are all sound & just leave us do our own thing & go with the flow. the fact that none of them live anywhere near us prob helps, i think its when you see IL's too much thats when the trouble starts.
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
DH only has one brother and we get on grand. He did drop the ball bit when organising his Stag though. It emerged he was planning to combine the first night of it with DHs 30th but neglected to tell me his fiancee or ask who else should be invited. It all erupted and we did have a huge row with him yelling at me and people stopping in the street to stare. :-8 DH gets on really well with my sisters. My brother is abit of an alpha male type but they get on o.k.
lux Posts: 6270
I like OH brother but his sister is a different kettle of fish. She has an 18 month old child and never stops talking about her. Everything I say comes back to the child, if I'm wearing a new top its "I can't buy clothes anymore, all the money has to go to "Suzy"". She is constantly trying to use us for free babysitting and leaves the child with OH's mother a few days a week, sometimes overnight at weekends. I know parents love their children but I don't need to hear about "Suzy" every time we meet. There was a big family do a month ago and me and OH took bets >:o) on how long it would take her to mention "Suzy" and use the phrase "as a parent" (this is another thing that gets on my nerves). Did not take long!!!! I would not mind her penny pinching for childcare if she was stuck but her and her OH both have great jobs and got bonuese this year, but OH mother is wrecked from minding her.
msbelle Posts: 726
I dunno, I get on with them but boy can they grate on my very last nerve alot of the time!!! >:o( H2b eldest bro has to be the boss and tell everyone what to do and his wife can be a demon too! its their way or no way! drives me nuts!his wife talks about everyone! i dread what she says about us behind our backs!
cabbagehead Posts: 3899
OH has a crazy divorce-and-drama-riddled family, half-sisters and step-brothers all over the place. His youngest step-sister is a lovely little thing, we get on great because we both love to read, she's only 13 but is like me when I was that age. His other teenage half-sister is a bit silly, but she's a nice girl, no problem with her. His brother (his actual, from-the-same-parents brother) is a good guy, but he is sooooo stubborn. He's going through a tough time at the moment (his GF of 7 years left him) but he is impossible to handle. Keeps asking various family members for help and advice and then insisting he knows best and ordering people to "stop telling him what to do". It's maddening. He grew up with OH's father, whereas OH grew up with his mother, so they are very different in some ways, have very little in common. It's sad really. Then OH has a stepbrother who I've only met a handful of times, he's a very nice guy but again, don't have much in common. But I get on very well with both PIL2Bs, they are both lovely.
StupidSexyFlanders Posts: 8402
H2B only has one brother and tbh I'd say Ive had maybe two proper conversations with him in the 5 years I've been with H2B. He is very quiet (bordering on standoffish). We very rarely see him or his wife even though they live next door to us - they don't open their blinds or answer the door and they seem to spend their time with her family rather than H2B's. They don't tell us anything - they told her family the sex of their baby but refused to tell us, we found out last night that she has been in hospital for two days etc. H2B and he were never close though - H2B wasn't his best man when he got married and he won't be best man for us either.
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
DH only has brothers and yeah I get on with them really well infact I kissed one when I 13 :-8 :-8 :-8
Jawl Posts: 8881
[quote:14pfpevz]the fact that none of them live anywhere near us prob helps, i think its when you see IL's too much thats when the trouble starts. [/quote:14pfpevz] I agree 100% I don't have to see my IL's on a weekly basis. If it was h2b's parents, we would, and then that would be a different matter, I'd divide the time equally between mine and his. But we don't see his siblings that often. During term time alright his sister who teaches would call between classes one day a week. But other than that months could go by without us seeing each other. One of his sisters lives abroad and we get on with her the best. If a week goes by and I don't send her an e.mail with ALL the news I get scolded by her via text :o0
ros09 Posts: 1923
yeah i get on well with all my IL, we're all around the same age which helps and his youngest bro was only 11 when we got together so i think as i was around when he was growing up i look at him as my younger DH is the kind of person who gets on with everyone so my family :heartbeat: him, i think my mother thinks he's a saint for putting up with me and he never says no to her to doing any job so hes perfect in her eyes :o0 :o0