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Little Chip Posts: 358
only want to know when things are going wrong? They almost feed off your troubles. Just have started to wonder this recently about a 'friend'. Update-I have edited this a bit to delete some detail. Thanks a million for the response Lizzie, that is what I am going to do.
Lizzie02 Posts: 2624
I get this sometimes, those who want all the gossip when something goes wrong but you ask them one simple question and you get 'stonewalled' by their silence: I like the Comment No. 5 by David09 to the above thread. This person sounds like they are competitive and do not want to divulge too much to you - maybe they are threatened by you for some reasons - and if this is the case, there is nothing much you can do. I now keep my cards close to my chest with certain people who I felt were only using me for information and then ignoring me afterwards. I felt sad at first, like I was less-popular or something, but I had to do this for self-preservation reasons. It is no reflection on you or your person. I kind of used to beat myself up about it and now I don't bother.
mrswifey2012 Posts: 2042
YES! Big gigantic yes! I know 1 woman in particular who regularly used to 'stonewall' me, now I tell her nothing. A friendship isn't a friendship if it isn't 2 way.
Little Chip Posts: 358
[quote="mrswifey2012":1dlczhmd]YES! Big gigantic yes! I tell her nothing. A friendship isn't a friendship if it isn't 2 way.[/quote:1dlczhmd] Exactly mrswifey. I have finally come to that conclusion. In my case, it's a bit about venting/ letting off steam, which I think we all need to do, from time to time. She feeds on that. But defo not a two way thing, and I end up wondering how come you know x and y about me, and I know little or nothing about you. I do ask, and am well prepared to listen, but, no. It's all a big 'mystery'. Hmm. I need to re-evaluate the 'friendship'. I don't trust easily, and from here on, I do not trust her. O:|