Do you have to get your dress altered where you bought it?

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Boo Posts: 136
Hey girls The shop I bought my dress in is 1½hrs from my house so thats a 3 hour round trip each time for fittings etc , I was hoping to collect my dress the day it comes in and get it altered in the city, as it would be much easier without the commute etc etc Im just worried that the bridal shop may have a problem with this? I'm probably being silly but I'm half afraid to ask to take the dress away the day it comes in! Are any other brides getting their dress alterations done elsewhere? Cheers Boo
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Boo Posts: 136
Cool KKranberry was kind of thinking that myself, I guess I'll just have to take it on the chin if they get ticked over me taking the dress out of shop...hopefully they'll understand about all the travelling etc etc Cheers
kerrbear Posts: 68
Hi Boo, I bought my dress in Donegal and I live in Antrim so I took it with me. I am getting the alterations done locally and the shop had no problem with it. They were a bit surprised when i said I was taking it but when I explained that I had so far to travel they were grand. K