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brideofjune Posts: 45
Hi Girls, I'm currently 32 weeks and I'm really contemplating on finding out the sex of my baby, just wondering if you did find out have you had any cravings for certain foods before you found out , and could you tell me what they were and what your having ! Thanking you Best regards Brideofjune 6
Baby Powder Posts: 265
I didn't find out but had such a strong feeling I was having a boy, and I was right! I went mad for potatoes, would eat chips nearly every day! And could eat packets of crisps at a go!! And I completley went off sweets,chocolate,cake etc which is not me at all!! I'm delighted I didn't find out, it's such a nice surprise to have, and you've made it to 32 weeks, really not long to go!
brideofjune Posts: 45
Thanks for reply Babypowder, I was quiet neausous and sick until the first 16 weeks but around Xmas I ate loads of chocolate sweets and I'm loving Turkish delight chocolate out of the freezer toast in the morning with strawberry jam , Strawberry nutri grain bars, Sausages with ketchup and any kind of dessert ! I still think I might be having a boy im not really big into crisps before I got pregnant and the same know . I love chocolate and I'm loving it lately out of the freezer.. I reckon its a boy aswell.. Regards Brideofjune6
mamime Posts: 791
I was sick for 16 weeks on my ds, nauseous for 12 weeks with dd, so i was worse with my boy. I craved orange juice on both but particularly mandarins with dd. After that no real cravings with dd. With ds i loved everything sweet, chocolate from the fridge and milky ways in particular. I loved my sunday roast dinners and weirdly craved beer but didn't give in! ;)
brideofjune Posts: 45
Thanks for replie mammie, I thought it was a bit strange alright with wanting the chocolate from the freezer before I would eat it any kind of way.. I'm drinking orange juice a lot aswell as I have to take iron every second day and I was told that the Vitamin C helps the Iron absorb ! Nothing else really.. Sorry if this is TMi but I don't know if it's the pregnancy or what but my Urine seems to smell strong that's why I'm convincing myself it's a boy !lol